2015 - Asia Backpackers

October 1, 2015

Wan Ok Phansa Festival

Wan Ok Phansa Festival The end of Buddhist Lent – when the people of this magical Kingdom both pray and play Edited 27/06/2017   When: 5th October 2017 Where: Across the Kingdom of Thailand   This day heralds the Thai Buddhist  festival of Wan Ok Phansa (Thai: วันออกพรรษา; literally “the Final Day of the Vassa“) which marks the end of[…]

October 1, 2015

Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival

Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival 2016     Revised 28/08/2016 The trick is to hang onto what is in essence, several tonnes of lumbering disgruntled mass of muscle, sinew and pointed horns When: 16th October 2016 Where: Chonburi city hall Chonburi Central/Eastern Thailand The world famous Chonburi Buffalo Races – Wing Kwai are a fantastic,[…]

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