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August 28, 2016

Phra Samut Chedi Fair

Phra Samut Chedi Fair (งานนมัสการองค์พระสมุทรเจดีย์ )    Revised 03/09/2017 Phra Samut Chedi Fair: believed to be the largest & longest running temple fair in the Kingdom, but as yet thankfully, not invaded by hordes of tourists   When: 21st October – 1st November 2016 (2017 TBA possibly from 5th October) Where: City[…]

August 28, 2016

Thailand’s Beautiful Lotus Flower Festival

Lotus Flower Festival (ประเพณีรับบัวหรือโยนบัว)   Edited 03/09/2017 When: 5th October 2017 Where: Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province South of Bangkok. Central Thailand Bang Phli (Bang Phli can translate as The Village of Offerings), is famous for the delightful Lotus Flower Festival (Rap Bua or Yon Bua), which takes place annually on the day before[…]

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