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March 19, 2015

77 Thai superstitions

The following are a collection of 77 Thai superstitions, which may make you think twice about going out, if for example you step out of the house on the wrong foot, or you hear a gecko calling during the day time, or indeed if you don’t have a virgin at hand to change the weather for you.

Sleep tight; if your dreams include a snake or contains a dead body it’s not all bad news but you really don’t want to dream that a tooth falls out or that you are kissing someone as it could lead to bad luck.


Thai superstitions


Thai superstitions If a home lizard (Gecko) makes a noise behind your back as you leave the house, bad things may befall you. But if the gecko is at your front or side, you may proceed confidently.

A barn owl is a symbol of evil curses. If one lands on your roof, horrible things will happen.

If a toad enters your home, it will bring good luck.


Thai superstitions


If a bird poops on your head, you’ll be doomed for the rest of the day.

Don’t wear black to visit sick patients or to a joyful ceremony as black is a strict mourning colour in Thai culture.

If a monitor lizard enters your house, talk to it nicely, and it will bring you fortune.

If you hear strange human voices calling you at night, don’t answer because it could be a ghost. Answering means you allow them to enter your house.

A mole on the lower lip makes you a big mouth.

Morning dreams are believable as it’s the time angels visit mortals.


Thai superstitions



A person with big ears has an easy, lucky life while those with thick ears might be lonely, doomed folk.

A person who use different tones in a single conversation is insincere.

Baldies are sneaky and flirty. The belief comes from the characteristics of a fictional character “Khun Chang.”

Babies with birthmarks had past lives.

A pregnant woman cannot attend a funeral, or the spirit of the dead will disturb the baby. This could be deadly.

Don’t cut your hair on Wednesday, or you will have bad luck.

A left eye twitch is a sign of bad luck. A right eye twitch means good luck.


Thai superstitions


If a wild animal enters your home, pray with candles, joss sticks and flowers. Then kindly ask it to leave your house and take any traces of bad luck with it.

A cremation should never be done on Friday because it is a day for cheerful events.

If a comb breaks while brushing hair, toss it right away, or bad things will follow.

If you randomly smell joss sticks in the middle of the night, the spirits of your close relatives are present.



Thai superstitionsIf a bee makes a beehive in your house, don’t destroy it. Bees are diligent animals that bring good luck.

Predict your success in business by planting any type of Aloe. If it grows to be brown and dried-out, your business will soon fail.

Step out of your house with the left food, and you will have a good day.


If you hit another’s hand as you both reach out for food at the table, expect a guest soon.

Don’t “clank” your dish. It is an invitation for hungry spirits out there to join your meal.


Don’t sweep the floor at night, or you will sweep out the money you have earned during the day.

Don’t decorate your home with a statue or image of a giant. It will provoke arguments among the residents.

Don’t push your bed against the wall of the bathroom because wealth will slip away. And don’t sleep facing the bedroom door because you will have bad dreams.


Thai superstitions


Feeding stray animals or giving them shelter on rainy days earns great merit.

Don’t let your kitchen get dirty, or you will lose money.

Don’t give a handkerchief as a gift to your friends and lover, or you will soon separate.

Don’t let a mirror go dusty. It will dust the future of the owner with bad luck.

Don’t have sex on your birthday and Buddhist holidays. These are days for purity.

If you ever find a coin on the ground, pick it up and call it a lucky baht, or you will offend your money and drive it out of your pocket.


Thai superstitions


Don’t place a mirror near your bed. If you can see yourself while in bed, you tend to obsess over sex.


Putting a ring on the middle or ring finger of your right hand will compliment your wealth. Meanwhile, wearing a ring on the ring finger or pinky of your left hand will help you appear more charming.


Thai superstitions



A single girl should never sing in the kitchen, or she will end up with an old boyfriend or none at all.

Donating money for a coffin for a dead person without relative’s can help you get through tough times.

If a pet bird makes a noise at night, you will get into an argument.

Always stock eggs and oranges in your kitchen. They will bring happiness to your household.

A pregnant woman cannot attend a funeral, or the spirit of the dead will disturb the baby.

Don’t sleep with your head pointing to the west, or you will have bad dreams.

If your necklace falls off, bad things will happen.


Thai superstitions


Don’t call a baby “cute,” or a jealous spirit will kidnap it. Always call the new-born “ugly.” Thai people will compliment a cute baby with the expression “น่ารักน่าชัง nâa-rák nâa-chang” (adorable and unpleasant)



Don’t cut your nails at night, the spirits of your ancestors will worry that you will cut yourself.

When using stairs, take only one step at a time, or you will not succeed in your career.

If your left arm muscle twitches, you will lose money. Right arm twitching brings money.


Thai superstitionsTo prevent rain from ruining an outdoor event, make a virgin girl stick lemongrass into the ground.

Don’t touch someone’s head, not even a child. The head is a sacred part of one’s body.

Dreaming that a snake wraps itself around your body means you will soon meet your soulmate.

Seeing a dead body in your dream means you will win something from a lucky draw.


Thai superstitions


Dreaming that a tooth falls out means your relative will die. An upper jaw tooth refers to a relative of your father’s side, while a lower jaw tooth is your mother’s.

Kissing someone in a dream means bad luck.

Don’t pre-celebrate your birthday. You will only die sooner.

Three doors should not align with each other, or it will create a portal for spirits from the other world to enter.


If a toad enters your home, it will bring good luck.


Geckos usually make a loud noise at night, but if the sound is heard during the day, it is considered a warning of bad events. Also, if a gecko happens to fall on or near someone in a home or veranda, it has a meaning which is auspicious or inauspicious depending on the side on which it falls.

Thai superstitionsRainbows are held in high regard but don’t point at one as you will lose your finger

Since certain colours are auspicious for certain people, much thought is given to the colour of a car before acquiring it. Also in the case of Taxi’s certain colours that are deemed unlucky will be avoided. Taxicabs in Bangkok come in various colours, formerly a number of taxis were violet, but these have been repainted in recent years, as violet is considered an unlucky colour.

See more on lucky and unlucky colours in Thailand in our post Colourful days in Thailand


บีบแตรผ่านหน้าศาลหรือโค้งร้อยศพ  You should Honk when driving pass a shrine

Do not spit when it is windy because it will make your mouth crooked.

 ถ้าจามแปลว่ามีคนคิดถึง If you sneeze, it means someone is missing you or someone is talking about you.

If you are talking about someone and suddenly he/she shows up or hear from him/her, it means that person will live long. Thai people say ตายยาก /dtaai yâak/ like in English expression that says ‘speak of the devil’.


Do you use a spoon to scrape the rice out of a rice cooker. Because it will make you poor.

Do not put an amulet in your trouser pocket because it is a sin and it will make it less sacred. See our post Black Magic and Thai Amulets

Do not use a broken plate or bowl because the people in your family will argue often.

Do not keep buried bowls or pots that you found because it will bring you and your family.



Do not put an amulet in your trouser pocket because it is a sin and it will make it less sacred. See our post Black Magic and Thai Amulets

Do not point a weapon at people because a ghost might push you and someone will get hurt.

Do not wear your clothes inside out because a ghost will haunt you.

Do not wear red clothes at night because something evil will explode from your stomach.


ชิ้นสุดท้ายแฟนหล่อ Lucky person finish the last piece of food. If you get to eat the last piece of food in the plate when sharing with your friends , you will get a handsome boyfriend or good looking girlfriend.


Do not wring out baby clothes when it is wet because the baby will be naughty and won’t be able to sleep.

Do not let a big jar run out of water because you will run out of food.

Do not grow a banana tree during Buddhist lent because it won’t have any fruit.

Do not grow a big tree near the house because bad things will come to your household.

Do not whistle inside the house because you will invite a ghost inside.


So there you have it Thai superstitions, how many sound similar to your own countries  superstitions?



The majority of the above are from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce



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