Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting : Asia BackPackers are the world’s first fully Carbon Neutral Hostel Group.

How does it Work

Carbon Offsetting ‘Carbon offsetting’  lets you pay to reduce the global Green House gases (GHG) total instead of making radical or impossible reductions of your own. GHG emissions mix quickly with the air and, unlike other pollutants, spread around the entire planet. Because of this, it doesn’t really matter where GHG reductions take place if fewer emissions enter the atmosphere we all benefit’.

Carbon neutrality begins with reduction. It’s a concentrated effort to produce less waste and use more renewable energy. After reduction has reached its limit, or its comfortable threshold, carbon offsets can make up for the rest. Carbon offsets are voluntary. Asia BackPackers employ Carbon offsets alongside our existing 30 point Environmental Friendly plan to counteract our guest’s carbon emissions and to do what we can to help ‘our’ planet

Does it Work?

Against: Some environmentalists doubt the validity and effectiveness of carbon offsets. Because the commercial carbon trade is an emerging market, it’s difficult to judge the quality of offset providers and projects. Trees don’t always live a full life, sequestration projects (for the long-term containment of emissions) sometimes fail and offset companies occasionally deceive their customers.
For: We chosen to team up with CNI (UK) Limited they specialise in providing commercially viable solutions to sustainability. CNI UK offer a first class range of environmental consultancy services including energy brokerage, efficiency management, audit reporting and the provision and distribution of voluntary carbon offsets for companies, events, and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact. CNI UK has a pedigree of first from; F1 teams to Offshore Powerboat Race series to Fashion house publications.


CNI UK specialised in the provision of VCSA (Verified Carbon Standard Association) certified carbon credits. VCS Carbon Offsettinghas long held its pedigree as being the most frequently used 3rdparty standard in the voluntary market.

In order to ensure maximum transparency CNI UK utilise the APX VCS registry one of the 2 VCSA approved carbon registries in order to facilitate its offsets for its clients. The APX registry is the “the preferred registry by the VCS market” ( the registry systems allows for transparency of which credits and how many are purchased and when they are retired.  The VCS registry system is designed to provide unique serial numbers to credits allowing tracking from their respective projects.

Types of projects benefiting from certified carbon credits.

There are a wide variety of Projects the monies we raise can help; they vary in many specifications such as type and location. Nevertheless with regards to latter the majority of projects are located in Emerging Markets, due to the regulations surrounding the Voluntary Carbon Market.

The following are the main heading examples of types of projects we can choose to support.

Fuel Switching: The projects replace unsustainable wood with renewable biomass to generate energy

Wind: The projects generate energy from wind resources without any Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions thus cutting the need burning fossil fuels.

Hydro: As with the wind projects but employing water.

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD): Through a combination of dry land forest protection and extraordinary community sustainable development activities,  with the aim to stop emissions created due to slash and burn deforestation.

Carbon Offsetting .

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