Allergy Friendly

Allergy Friendly

Recommendations taken from the World Health Authority

Essential Requirements

1. Put all the Allergy friendly Rooms on the highest available floor.
Mould is less likely to grow, says Martha White, a fellow with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. This will also help if there are green/lawned areas on the grounds of the hotel
2. Never have Allergy Friendly rooms near indoor swimming pools, which tend to be among the mouldiest.
3. Wash bedding at 55-60 C to kill dust mites.
4. Mattresses are to be professionally and regularly cleaned/sanitized.
5. Wash pillows and duvets as 4 above and encase pillows and mattresses with protective coverings.
6. Provide sufficient ventilation to decrease humidity.
Aim to reduce indoor relative humidity to below 50% and avoid damp room conditions.
7. Employ High Thread Count in the linen provided.
8. Employ Blinds/shutters instead of curtains.
9. Ensure there is Natural Ventilation.
Dust mites allergens live within the room and not outside so by ventilating the room you can allow the allergen to escape. Ventilation in hotel rooms with ensuite bathrooms is especially important as high levels of humidity encourage the growth of dust mites and moulds.
10. Use a damp duster when dusting and cleaning surfaces.
11. Use vinyl, tiled, laminated or wooden floors which must be cleaned with a wet mop no less than every other day.
If Carpeted Flooring is present ensure it is Short Pile and vacuumed daily with a HEPA 13 filter: Frequent vacuuming as a dust control measure may, in fact, aggravate allergic asthmatic conditions because conventional (non-HEPA) vacuum cleaners blow the dust through the cleaner’s bag and back into the air. Using a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter traps the very small dust particulates so they are not blown back into the air.
12. Remove/reduce soft furnishings in the rooms.
13. Replace fabric-covered seating with leather or vinyl.
14. Do not allow pets on the same floor as Allergy Friendly Rooms.
15. Do not allow smoking on the same floor as Allergy Friendly Rooms.
16. Use Non- scented or allergy friendly cleaning products and air fresheners.
17. Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in bathrooms.
18. Ensure air conditioning units are properly maintained according to manufacturer guidelines, and regular filter changes. Filters to be a minimum MERV rating of 16.
The simplest way to deal with allergies is to remove the environmental cause of the allergy. One way of doing that, in the case of airborne allergens, is to install a filter that will take, filter the allergens out of the air.
minimum efficiency reporting value , (MERV) ratings are used to rate the ability of an air conditioning filter to remove dust from the air as it passes through the filter. MERV is a standard used to measure the overall efficiency of a filter and range between 1-20. Some of the common particles related to MERV ratings are pet dander, insecticide dust, smog, dust mites, viruses, wood, tobacco smoke, spores, bacteria and pollen. The higher the MERV ratings mean fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants pass through the filter.
Air conditioning units that are not maintained can releases allergic moulds.
19. Use 5% ammonia solution to remove mould from contaminated areas and ensure mould spores do not become airborne during mould removal.
20. Repair any water damage within the rooms immediately.
21. Replace wallpaper with environmentally friendly paint.
22. Remove cockroaches; eliminate the places and conditions in which they can live.
23. No real flowers or plants in room
Plant pollens can cause hay fever. Mould can also grow on the surface of the damp soil causing allergic reactions.
24. Rooms cleaned and aired on day of arrival.
To ensure there are no traces of dust hotel rooms need to be wet mopped/vacuumed, dusted, aired, and the bed aired, on the day of arrival. A room may have been cleaned when the last occupant left but this may have been some time ago.
25. Ensure specified Allergy Friendly Rooms do not directly overlook garden or lawn arrears
Outdoor pollen releasing aeroallergens can cause allergies. In general no blossoming grasses or pollinating plants within 4 floors of the Allergy Friendly Rooms.
26. Ensure all hotel provided Toiletries are Allergy Friendly
27. Ensure all hotel provided confectionery placed in rooms are correctly labelled and Allergy Friendly

To achieve accreditation and be awarded with Certification hotels must achieve an average minimum total of 75 points from the 27 essential requirements. Points are awarded and deducted based on the individual hotel specified rooms meeting the criteria set out above and must be collaborated by their in house cleaning/maintenance schedules/manuals and by Dream Hygiene conducting relevant room viewings and checks prior to the Certification.
The Recommendations shown here are taken from the World Health Authority and other trusted allergy aware authorities.

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