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July 1, 2016

Ang Thong International Drums Festival

Ang Thong International Drums Festival is a time when players from home and abroad celebrate with the Thai people of  the Kingdoms ‘Drum Making Village’ 



Ang Thong International Drums Festival War drums



When: 18-21 August, 2016

Where: Ban Phae Village (Drum-making Village), TambonEkkarat, Amphoe Pa Mok, Ang Thong Central Thailand

The Ang Thong International Drums Festival is an annual event held in what is known as the Kingdoms Drum-making Village.  The locals of this small and normally quiet village, Ban Phae are renowned for their production of drums, which they would traditionally make at the end of the harvest season as a secondary form of income. While this is still the case for most of its inhabitants, so much so that many shops are only open seasonally. This festival full of sound and dazzling colour is an event to show case the local peoples long mastery of this art of drum making.


Ang Thong International Drums Festival


During the normal 3 days of celebrations you can find many demonstrations and parades, including the Wai Khru Klong Ceremony, majestic drums procession and a nightly mini light-and-sound presentation, telling the “Legend of the Drum-making Village”, in both light and music.


Ang Thong International Drums Festival 2016


The festivities also includes both regional and International drum and cultural performances, featuring the “12 Drum Languages” and the ancient Thai war drum;  ‘KlongSabatchai drumming show’. Entwined with these at times thunderous echoes of the past are the more sedate Thai classical music and dance presentations, featuring the southern Manora dance and puppet shows. There will also be numerous exhibitions on the full process on how the local people use cowhide and rain tree wood, (due to the softness of the wood), in producing these at times huge and intricate drums.

Ang Thong International Drums Festival 1


Added to this mass of noise and colour will be a number of competitions featuring different drums including the Poeng Mang competition and the long drum band competition.

If the noise gets too much why not wander over to the front of the Tambon chief’s home and take a look at the largest drum in the world, measuring 3.7 meters wide by 7.6 meters long this monster of a drum was built in 1994 and took one year to complete.


Ang Thong International Drums Festival 2

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