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September 15, 2016

Bangsaen Speed Festival

Bangsaen Speed Festival 2016


Bangsaen Speed Festival 2016


When: 22 – 27th November 2016

Where: Bira International Circuit Chonburi


Bangsaen Speed Festival is the biggest motor sport event in Thailand and a part of the Thailand Super Series. Held around the later part of the year since 2007, with teams from Formula BMW and Formula Renault, competing in this 5 day-long event, this year promises to be another ear piercing, exhilarating street racing week, that includes both 4 wheeled and two wheeled events. (The two wheeled racers normally have the last day of the event to themselves TBC)




The race circuit is 3.7 km long and is on the streets and beach front of this otherwise sleepy seaside town. Bangsaen is normally only frequented by Thai people coming down from Bangkok which is 85 Km to its north, but in this its tenth year that will all change again, when the roads are closed off, the flag goes down and the decibel levels go off the chart, at the start of what should be a fun filled 5 days of racing.




At the end of each racing day there will be many activities along the beach area of the town, with lots of the competing cars and bikes on show, plus of course a heap of booths selling all manner of racing items and even more selling food and drinks.


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