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March 17, 2014

Can Backpackers be Carbon Neutral?

Can Backpackers be Carbon Neutral?

We follow on with our previous posts in our quest to be Carbon Neutral

Does it work?

Carbon Trading the truth?Against: Some environmentalists doubt the validity and effectiveness of carbon offsets. Because the commercial carbon trade is an emerging market, it’s difficult to judge the quality of offset providers and projects. Trees don’t always live a full life, sequestration projects (for the long-term containment of emissions) sometimes fail and offset companies occasionally deceive their customers.

For: We chosen to team up with CNI (UK) Limited they specialise in providing commercially viable solutions to sustainability. CNI UK offer a first class range of environmental consultancy services including energy brokerage, efficiency management, audit reporting and the provision and distribution of voluntary carbon offsets for companies, events, and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact. CNI UK has a pedigree of  achieving firsts from; F1 teams to Offshore Powerboat Race series to Fashion house publications.


Thialands first Carbon Neutral HostelCNI UK specialised in the provision of VCSA (Verified Carbon Standard Association) certified carbon credits. VCS has long held its pedigree as being the most frequently used 3rd party standard in the voluntary market.


“The VCS retained its top spot among third-party standards guiding the development and measurement of carbon project performance. Buyers contracted 43 MtCO2e of offsets adhering to a VCS-approved project methodology, up from 41 MtCO2e in 2011. The volume of VCS offsets from projects that certified their additional environmental and social benefits to the CCB Standards more than doubled to 12.5 MtCO2e.” (Maneuvering the Mosaic State of the Voluntary Carbon markets 2013, Ecosystems Marketplace, BBNEF p12)


Thailand's only Carbon Neutral hostelIn order to ensure maximum transparency CNI UK utilise the APX VCS registry one of the 2 VCSA approved carbon registries in order to facilitate its offsets for its clients. The APX registry is the “the preferred registry by the VCS market” ( The registry systems allows for transparency of which credits and how many are purchased and when they are retired.  The VCS registry system is designed to provide unique serial numbers to credits allowing tracking from their respective projects.



In our next post we will look at the  types of projects benefiting from VCSA (Verified Carbon Standard Association) certified carbon credits.

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