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March 14, 2014

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

As we get closer to being Carbon Neutral within our venues and becoming the first Hostel group to do so, we want to explain why and how Carbon Offsetting works.

How does it Work

Carbon Friendly There are more and more people joining the concentrated effort to produce less waste and use more renewable energy from bands like Coldplay and Pink Floyd releasing carbon-neutral albums, airlines offering carbon neutrality and a growing troop of celebrities trumpeting their low-carbon lifestyles, you may wonder why and how they do it. How do bands, businesses and people cancel out what seems like an unavoidable emission?

Carbon neutrality begins with reduction. It’s a concentrated effort to produce less waste and use more renewable energy. After reduction has reached its limit, or its comfortable threshold, carbon offsets can make up for the rest.

Carbon offsets are a form of trade. When you buy an offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The projects might restore forests, update power plants and factories or increase the energy efficiency of buildings and transportation. Carbon offsets let you pay to reduce the global GHG total instead of making radical or impossible reductions of your own.

Carbon offsets are voluntary. Asia BackPackers will as of the 31st March 2014 employ Carbon offsets alongside our existing 30 point Environmental Friendly plan to counteract our guest’s carbon emissions and we in the first instance will foot this additional cost.

This issue effects us all, GHG emissions mix quickly with the air and, unlike other pollutants, they spread around the entire planet. Because of this, it doesn’t really matter where GHG reductions take place, if we can all do our bit, fewer emissions will enter the atmosphere,  with the result that we all benefit from the reduction in GHG and its effects on ‘Climate Change’

In our Next Post we ask  Doe’s it Work?

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