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March 11, 2014

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

To be or not to be -Carbon Neutral

You do not have to be a tree hugger to be worried about what is happening to our planet and while governments around the world, big and small can argue how to deal with the myriad of things that could be done most (the only countries that do not believe in climate change are those that have their own interests at heart) agree that we must ALL help in reducing carbon pollution. The down side to doing this is that it normally requires spending money, therein lies the rub of the situation, on the one side you have the environmentalist who see anything commercial as a curse and with suspicion and the other, those who want to exploit the situation. Doing nothing as an option is the only thing both these parties agree just cannot happen.

Carbon Neutral Hostels

The real issue here is that we as individuals account by our decisions for almost 100% of the carbon problem on the planet we therefore individually need to do more, we at Asia BackPackers have already put into effect our own Environmental Friendly Policy  and as of the 31st March 2014 we  will have achieved the accolade of becoming the first known Carbon Neutral Hostel Group on the planet and one of the first to pioneer the path of sustainability in Asia.

First Asia Hostel GroupTo achieve our stated goals we have teamed up with CNI (UK) Limited, who are a leading environmental consultancy  and who specialise in providing commercially viable solutions to sustainability.

CNI UK offer a first class range of environmental consultancy, including audit and energy management in addition to specialising in the generation, provision and distribution of voluntary carbon offsets for companies, events, and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact. CNI UK has a pedigree of doing things first, from the first carbon neutral F1 team to Offshore Power boating and Fashion Publications.


While we can but do our best to help this planet we all share, we hope and trust our guests will do their bit in making a difference while  staying with us in our hostels.

With a warm thanks to all our staff who without their hard work this goal would not have been possible.



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