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March 21, 2015

Cha-am International Kite Festival

A colourful day and night time event with a more laid back feel than its bigger contemporaries in the North & South of the Kingdom

Cha-am International Kite Festival 2017




When: 10 – 12th March 2017

Where: Cha-am beach. Phetchaburi

How to get there: Click Here


Cha-am International Kite Festival 

This annual festival gets better and better every year, with the residence of this once quiet fishing village adorning the streets with glorious and vibrant decorations. Now in its 13th year, it will again boast a vast array of colourful kites in a multitude of colours shapes and sizes. With some as tall as a 4 storey building, while others take on the forms of animals and yet others are built in strange and wonderful shapes.


This year’s event with its blaze of colour has kite flyers from all over the globe and is still one of the largest kite gatherings in the Kingdom, with the back drop of the blue sea of the ‘Gulf of Thailand’ and the white sands of the ‘Cha-am beach’ it promises to be a must see festival in the annual Phetchaburi calendar.




Spectators will be enthralled by how the kite flyers, manoeuvre these sometimes awkward looking, but always vibrant kites in a myriad of flying tricks. From the single to a multitude of kites flown on a single line, to displays by stunt and speed kites sailing through the skies in time to musical entertainment.


The night does not bring an end to the flying festivities as early evening brings forth kites adorned with jazzy LED lights, which take to the inky black night skies in a hypnotic aerial dance.




While the event cannot claim to be on the same scale as the events in Chaing Mai or the still bigger Satun Festival in the south of Thailand, it like its piers, is a great opportunity to witness one of the world’s fastest growing sports and mingle in the unique ‘Kite Culture.’


As well as the kite events there will also be a parachute show, a radio controlled airplane show & competition, with kite stalls showing how they are made along with the obligatory local handicraft booths, mingled amongst all this colour will be the heady aromas of freshly cooked Thai food and drinks.


International-Kite-Festival-5-500x300A little bit about Cha-am


Cha-am is predominately a Thai resort, a lot smaller than its bigger brother Hua Hin some 27 kms due south, there is as yet no dual pricing system, with foreigners paying the same price for most things, while souvenirs, T-shirts etc. are substantially cheaper than you will find in other coastal resorts in Thailand that cater mainly for foreign tourists.



Cha-am International Kite Festival 2015The district of Cha-am can boast of 7 temples and a national park, its main attraction located 8km south of the city is the old Royal summer residence, Maruekatayawan Palace, this beautifully restored teak raised-floor wooden palace is certainly worth the short taxi ride.





This annual event is really one not to be missed if you are in the central provinces of Thailand as it is definitely one of the more colourful events of the year.


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Cha-am International Kite Festival 2015

Cha am beach



250-wat-chaam wat-cha-am-cave kite-fest-2-500x300 wat-cha-am-stairs

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