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December 14, 2015

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

This annual 3 day festival, is possibly Thailand’s biggest floral event, the festival highlights the regions creative heart. Chiang Mai is known as the ‘Rose of the North’, and it is during this event, when the city’s streets literally come alive with flowers. 


Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2016


Revised December 2016

When: 3-5th February 2017

Where: City of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Province. Northern Thailand

 It is here in the North of the Kingdom, where you encounter an ancient culture that includes artists, artisans and skilled crafts people, who for centuries have been turning basic natural materials, into attractive and practical handmade products. One of the reasons for the high degree of creativity, may very well be found in the diversity of ethnic groups and cultures of the region; Shan, Tai, Kayah (Karen), Pa-O, Wa, Lisu, Lahu, Lieu, Meo, Yao, Akha, and many others.

Some of the more widely used natural base materials, for hand crafted products include bamboo, clay, coconut, cotton, gold, gemstone, jade, mulberry bark, palm leaves, natural resin, rush, silk, silver, soap, tree sap, wax, fruit tree wood, hardwood. Other materials include bronze, metal, nylon, rayon, plastics and man made resin.

It is from this rich creative melting pot, that the Flower Festival spills onto the streets of Chiang Mai, with a blaze of colour and an impressive display, of contemporary floral art combined with the traditional Lanna cultural splendour.


Chiang Mai Flower Festival February 2016

Three Day Schedule


Chiang Mai Flower Festival1



Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2016-1


A little about Chiang Mai

Last King of lannaThe city of Chiang Mai, was once the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, the kingdom lasted for around 300 years and is once thought, to have rivaled its southern neighbour the Ayutthaya kingdom, to whom it was later to lose its independence.

The last King of the Northern most provinces of Thailand Major General Prince Kaew Nawarat (Thai: เจ้าแก้วนวรัฐ; Chao Kaeo Nawarat; Birth name: Kaew na Chiangmai) was the 36th and last King of Lanna and Prince Ruler of Chiang Mai, reigning from 1910 to 1939 (Thai calendar 2454-2482). His seat was within Lanna’s capital Chiang Mai, but he never held any true administrative power. With him ended the reign of the Seven Princes Dynasty.

The region is considered one of the most scenic provinces in the country, due to its diversity, in its mountainous ranges, valleys, flora, and fauna.



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