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December 13, 2016

Christmas Star Procession

In the heart of Thailand’s Bible belt, is held a stunningly colourful parade the brings light to one of the Kingdoms northeast provinces


Christmas Star Procession


When: 23 to 25th December

Where: Mueang Sakon Nakhon district and Ban Ta Rae. Sakon Nakhon

Christmas Star Procession

According to the traditional biblical story, around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, Eastern prophets recorded the appearance of a mysteriously bright new star and followed it to the stable in the city of Bethlehem where Jesus was born. According to the scriptures, the ‘star’ symbolizes the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the Son of God. The Christmas Star Procession is held to celebrate this important element of the nativity.

Sakon Nakhon has the largest Roman Catholic community in Thailand and The Christmas Star Procession is a tradition unique to the province, which has been held annually since 1982.


Christmas Star Procession 1


The Festivities

The festivities start at the 100-year-old Ta Rae cemetery from 23 to 24 December. During these first two days, the people of the community elaborately decorate their colonial- and Vietnamese-style houses with star-shaped lamps and glittering Christmas trees. The highlight of the event is the traditional Christmas star parade which is unique to Ban Ta Rae and held on the 25th December, starting at the Rama V Plaza, approx. 15:00, when the procession with as many as 200 floats, winds its way around the town of Sakon, ending at the Ta Rae – Nong Saeng Christian Church (Saint Joseph School), to celebrate mass. Also joining the procession will be traditional Christmas figures; such as, Santa Claus and angels.


Christmas Star Procession 2

What else is going on

Activities in the church grounds include stage entertainment, a Christmas nativity play, ASEAN cultural shows, a Christmas choir and firework displays, as well as, the star-lantern and Christmas decoration workshop. Visitors also get the chance to enjoy local food while buying local crafts.


Christmas Star Procession 3

Three Black Magic Fair

From 25 to 29 December, if you stay around Sakon Nakhon, you may also want to take a look at the “Three Black Magic” fair at the Ming Mueang Ground in Sakon Nakhon Municipality. The Three Black Magic refers to some of the region’s fascinating agricultural livestock in the form of famous black hens, black pigs and black cows, all of which are bred at the Phu Phan Royal Development Study Centre. There are also fun cultural shows and concerts as well as a food fair all of which encompass the rich tapestry of the ethnic people of the region.


For more information, contact:
Sakon Nakhon Cultural Office, Tel: +66 (042) 716247
Sakon Nakhon Provincial Administration, Tel: +66 (042) 711773
Ta Rae – Nong Saeng Christian Church, Tel: +66 (042) 711272


Another Location to see Christmas Lights

Christmas Star Festival Parade 2016 in Ban Song Yae, Yasothon Northeast Thailand: From 22-25 December

Christmas parade in Yasothan



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