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January 8, 2016

Chumphon Marine Festival

The Province of Chumphon is on the knee of the leg of Thailand roughly half way from Bangkok to its southern most neighbours Malaysia. This southern province holds a wealth of natural beauty with 44 tropical islands, 200 km of wonderful beaches, 48 caves and 6 National Parks.


Chumphon Marine Festival 2016


When: Annually in March

Where: The Chumphon Estuary, Hat Sai Ri, Chumphon Province Southern Thailand

How to get there: Click here


Chumphon Marine Festival This year’s annual Chumphon Marine Festival, is as always the opportunity, for this wonderful province to show case its pristine natural beauty. During the 4 day event you can expect to find marine exhibitions and photography displays.

Plus lots of beach fun and games including competitions in sand sculpture and fishing, there of course will be the normal scuba diving, snorkeling and boat tour packages, for those that just love to play about on and in crystal clear waters.

What else is going on

In addition the festival will hold displays of rare aquatic animal species. Those with a bit more stamina might want to join the annual bike rally up Matsee Mountain (Not actually listed as a mountain).

For those where your ‘Get up and Go’ attitude, has ‘Got up and Gone’, why not simply take a leisurely stroll and take in the mass of cultural performance that will be going on every day, or give your taste buds a work out, sampling the local delicacies at the seafood festival or any of the multitude of restaurants and street vendors that will be just about everywhere.

For those with an eye for a bargain why not get down to the night market or the two day markets in Chumphon.



Chumphon Marine Festival 1


Getting your hands Dirty

If you want to get your hands dirty why not join in with the conservation work and help in the restoration of local natural resources, including replanting the local mangrove forest. If you are lucky you may get to see a wide range of birds that live in the strange forest, including a number of migratory birds that pass this coastline from Thailand to the shores of Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.

Tham Thip Prida

If nature and beauty is your thing, do try to get to Tham Thip Prida (ถ้ำทิพย์ปรีดา), while it is roughly 70 km from Chumphon it is worth the journey. The 40 diverse caves are hewn into the limestone mountain, which in turn is fronted by a flowing fresh water stream, some of caves contain crystal clear fresh water pools, which after a long day you may want to take a plunge and immerse yourself in the less than warm waters.






With its 200 km of coast line, very low population density, six accessible pristine sandy beaches, 44 islands (located in Chumphon Archipelago), many of which have coral reefs and 6 glorious National Parks, Chumphon is a great place for those that like a quieter pace of life and for those that want to blend in with nature and get closer to the real Thailand.




Pictures from TAT Chumphon and their Photo Contest “8 Forbidden City May million at Chumphon”.


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Wikipedia map showing province

Chumphon Marine Festival 2

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