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June 17, 2015

Colourful days in Thailand

Each day brings a new colour and with it good and bad luck here in the magical Kingdom of Thailand


Here in Thailand superstition, faith and astrology go hand in hand, in the later Hindu mythology teaches that each day is watched over by a particular god, who also represents a particular celestial body. In the Thai tradition, each of these gods (celestial bodies) is represented by a particular colour, and so each day of the week is allocated both a lucky and unlucky colour.

These same colours are used for our birthday colours. For example, King Bhumibol our recently deceased  King was born on Monday, so through-out the Kingdom on his birthday yellow would be seen every-where, in flowers, flags (including the King’s own flag), bunting and in the peoples clothing. Our present King Maha Vajiralongkorn, was also born on a Monday.




Lucky Colours in Thailand


In Thai astrology, we are all given our own unlucky day. Those born on a Wednesday depending whether they were born during the day or night, have their own unique set of lucky and unlucky colours and days. As with nearly all astrology worldwide, a person born on a particular day is thought to be attributed with a number of virtues and Thailand is no different.

To add to this Buddhism teaches that Buddha spent 7 days following his enlightenment, pondering on the suffering of all living creatures and how unimportant his life was prior to reaching enlightenment. Each day of the week is represented by a Buddha image in a particular posture and Thai’s will identify with a particular pose again dependent on which day they were born.



Colourful days in Thailand



Colourful days in Thailand

Day Colour of the day Unlucky colour Celestial Body God of the day Unlucky day
Sunday (wan athit) red blue Sun Surya  Friday
Monday (wan chan) yellow red Moon Chandra  Sunday
Tuesday (wan angkhan) pink yellow & white Mars Mangala  Monday
Wednesday (day) (wan phut) green pink Mercury Budha  Tuesday
Wednesday (night) grey orange-red None Rahu  Thursday
Thursday (wan phruehatsabodi) orange purple Jupiter Brihaspati  Saturday
Friday (wan Suk) light blue black and dark blue Venus Shukra  Wednesday Night
Saturday (wan sao) purple green Saturn Shani  Wednesday Day


Wednesday lucky Colours in Thailand

Wednesday lucky Colours in Thailand


Added to these beliefs is the Lao/Isaan (northeast region of Thailand), beliefs that when attending their different rituals and ceremonies, including the Phi Fa ritual (see our post Calling on demons and spirits to cure the ill), and the Baasii Ritual one must be seated in the right direction to gain good luck.

Dr.Wajuppa Tossa writes in his post Lao Folk Literature, that ‘Seating position is important in this baasii ceremony.  After everything is prepared, people sit around the tray touching it, facing the good direction of the day.’

Sunday–west ;   Monday — northwest;   Tuesday — east;  Wednesday — north; Thursday — northeast;    Friday — south; Saturday — southwest.

He goes on that ‘One must avoid facing the bad direction of the day.’

Sunday–northwest ;   Monday — east;   Tuesday –southwest;  Wednesday — south; Thursday — north;    Friday — west; Saturday – northeast.


lucky Colours in Thailand

While superstitions are not confined to Thailand, we do seem to have more than most (see our post – Thai superstitions)


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