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July 12, 2014

Diving in Thailand

Getting tanked in Thailand

Diving in Thailand


Diving in Thailand

Thailand is not just, temples, elephants and palm trees; it’s also home to some of the best value scuba diving in the world. Whether you have never tried before or are a seasoned professional, when it comes to diving Thailand has something for everyone!

Diving in ThailandSo let’s start with the basics for those new to this amazing pastime. If you are thinking of a guy in a heavy suit, lead boots with a diving helmet fighting a giant squid, or a navy SEAL completing the toughest training in the world for 6 months to become a diver; forget it. The reality is that recreational diving has never been easier or cheaper to learn.

Safety First

That doesn’t mean that it’s not done professionally. Thailand’s coastline is awash with fantastic dive sites and professionally run dive shops, offering dive courses all of which are run to strict international standards.

For those not sure but just want to ‘have a go’ these shops offer 1 day or half day experiences where you can try diving with an instructor who is with you at all times. Those that are a bit more adventurous a full course that leads to an internationally recognised qualification lasts just 4 days. This course is known as the open water diver course, the courses are comprehensive with an emphasis on enjoying the experience in a safe manner rather than becoming a navy SEAL or Olympic swimmer!


Diving in Thailand

Recognised Diver Training Agencies

All the dive shops, instructors and dive masters in Thailand, are affiliated with and members of well-established and internationally recognised diver training agencies. The biggest agency in the world, and in Thailand, is the Professional association of diving instructors (PADI).


PADI offer training courses from absolute novice all the way to instructor. They are not the only agency as both the British sub aqua club and scuba schools international run courses in Thailand. Dive shops in the kingdom will display what courses and with who they are affiliated, just walk in and the friendly staff will answer all of your questions.

There are several dive shops in and around Pattaya and Koh Chang, which offer dive courses and diving trips for those who are already qualified.  These shops are easy to find either by a simple internet search or by asking at the reception in the hostel.


Bottom line: it’s a lot easier and cheaper than you thought it was so why not give it a go.


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