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July 16, 2016

Gambling on your life in Thailand

Are you a betting person – Are you willing to bet YOUR LIFE on this tourist spot

Thailand has very strict gambling laws, and while it is legal for people to place wagers on horse racing and buy tickets on the registered national lottery, all other forms of gambling are illegal. This includes casinos, poker and any card games where a financial reward is up for grabs, bingo, and sports betting. With all these restrictions Pattaya still seems to have its own form of lottery, in this case the bets are on whether you make it through the day.

Just outside the city of Pattaya lies the Elephant Kingdom (Anachak Chang Pattaya), it features two large crocodile ponds with more than 4,000 crocodiles and 300 large horned crocodiles plus a number of panthers and leopards.

Gambling on your life in Thailand


When I went, paying tourists were loaded onto what appeared to be flimsy roofed cages, attached to an equally flimsy array of barrels and pushed from the shore to float in amongst these huge prehistoric reptiles. The crocodiles in turn simply followed the rafts and raised their massive snouts from the water, bearing what seemed to be an endless set of teeth, waiting for a chicken morsel, supplied to them by eager Chinese tourists. The chicken is attached to string that was tied to the end of a pole (I have seen the same sort of thing in the everglades in Florida but it was done from the safety of the shore).

Gambling on your life in Thailand 2
Mr. Uthen Yangprapakorn the operator of the park, speaking to the Bangkok Post on the same day local officials had inspected the park and tried their hand at feeding the Crocodiles, said “his farm had operated for more than 14 years”. He also said “he arranged feeding activities to entice tourists; adding about 500 tourists visited the farm a day”.

He went on to say “that there have been no problems related to crocodile attacks at his farm”.

One thing is for sure with the Kingdom’s reputation for safety this is one bet I would not suggest making.

Gambling on your life in Thailand 1
To see a video of the crocodile being fed click here

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