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July 16, 2015

How to travel the world for free part 2

Full time backpacker Part 2

This is the second part of this blog (the first can be found here) and contains details on the lucky few who can travel the world and still make an living wherever they choose to stay. Click here for part 1


Individual name: Jane Lewis

How to travel the world for free part 2.What do you do in simple terms? 

I am a Scuba diving instructor

What does this entail and how do you get paid? 

I take classes of students through levels of training after the completion of which they are recognised worldwide as a certified PADI diver who can go on dive trips, rent equipment and conduct their own dives with a buddy up to a depth of 18 meters, anywhere in the world. This is a salaried position

When did you start doing this?

April 1st 2000 (I know a crazy day to start)

How do you get into this?

I did my own course in Europe several years previous to coming to Thailand and wanted to spend more time doing what I loved rather than continue in a dead end job back home. I took all my necessary courses over a few years and then mail shot every dive shop/centre I could find in Thailand until someone answered and offered me a job.

What equipment do you need?

None really but like most divers we will have accumulated your own kit over the years, but every dive shop will have its own kit for students which you can use.

What would you say are the abilities you need to do this?

You must be already qualified as an instructor or be on the way to passing the certification before you apply to dive shops. A sense of Fun, the ability to communicate, tempered with level head makes for the best instructors.


Individual name: Leo Wantz

How to travel the world for free part 2..What do you do in simple terms? 

I am a Day trader

What does this entail and how do you get paid? 

Day trading is speculation in securities, specifically buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day, sounds grand but in essence I follow a limited number of stocks and trade within a tight band and I am not looking at risky calls I am simply trying to earn a minimum income to allow me to continue my travels. I get my money paid directly into my account on each successful trade.

When did you start doing this?

5th January 2009 (I know the exact date as I had just spent the worse ever Christmas and New Year in  a cold and miserable Scotland and could not wait to get away from the place).

How do you get into this?

I started trading with a ‘Share Club’ some years previous and simply learnt the basics which I adapted to my own needs and interests

What equipment do you need?

A good computer and good reliable internet connection.

What would you say are the abilities you need to do this?

You need to know about yourself first, what makes you tick. Day trading is not about gambling it is about researching what you like, e.g. if you love football follow the traded shares of football clubs or even the betting companies. Always know in advance what you want to make or can afford to lose per day and whether you make what you wanted or lose what you know you can afford….walk away


Individual name: Lee Dent

How to travel the world for free part 2...What do you do in simple terms?  

I am a Migrant worker

What does this entail and how do you get paid? 

There are good many countries around the world that offer foreigners, normally between the ages of 18 – 30 ‘Working Holiday Visas’ The visa allows you to stay in the following countries up to 1 year and to apply for work in any job you want, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Ireland and Singapore. Most jobs will entail unskilled labour and so is not highly paid. E.g. working on a sheep farm, or pricing fruit and veg, bar work etc. Pay comes from the employer in cash.

When did you start doing this?

21st March 2013 (Started in France helping in a vine yard)

How do you get into this?

I laid out a plan to get to Thailand and chose stop overs in countries where I could get working holiday visas, I then emailed companies in advance to find employment in the country and moved on from country to country following the same process until I arrived here in Thailand and now I am planning a different route home. (list of 10 projects worth noting.

What equipment do you need?

Access to a computer and the internet

What would you say are the abilities you need to do this?

A strong determination to see things through including staying on in jobs or a town you don’t quite like until you have what you need (money or the next job sorted) to move on.



Here are just a few other options I have known people to employ to gain a little bit extra cash to help with their travelling expenses.


How to travel the world for free part 2....


Selling Goods Online. Having found that item all your friends and their friends would just love why not set up a small Facebook commercial site and ship goods back home.

House Sitting. Not that many about but if you are lucky to find a property in a place you want to go see, you get to save on what is potentially you’re biggest daily living expense, not a bad deal.

Haircuts. Every-one needs a hair-cut at some time (OK possibly not bald folk), if you have the experience then why not pack the tools of your trade in your backpack before you set off.

Teaching – Use your talents to teach others e.g. dancing, cooking, yoga, keep fit etc. The list is endless and is only limited to your ability




While I would like to thank those that have taken the time to provide the above information, it is far from a complete list of the opportunities you can find in this world and we would love to hear from you if you have any other examples especially if you have first-hand experience in doing the work.

Do bear in mind that the country you want to visit, will have its own set of rules re working paid or otherwise and you should spend time researching how these rules would apply to you, and well in advance of packing up that rucksack and hitting the road to the next chapter in your life as a full time Backpacker.




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