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April 1, 2014

Its Official Global Warming is here already

Doing nothing is not an option in Global WarmingIts Official Global Warming is here already

While the rest of the world is hopefully waking up to the threat of global warming, our guests can at least feel that they are doing their bit while staying with us…………

Asia BackPackers are the first Hostel chain in the world to be certified Carbon Neutral…

On the 30th March 2014 in Yokohama, Japan, a group of scientists and representatives of more than 120 governments will issue its fifth (and perhaps final) comprehensive scientific assessment of what scientists now know about climate change. Its central conclusion will be certain and unequivocal — human beings are altering the climate, with impacts starting to occur now.

Burying your head is not an optionThe hope is that this report will,  if not quash those that doubt the existence or that except the consequences of Global warming, it will at least demonstrate once and for all that their  rhetoric is without merit and that the suggestion that we wait and do nothing is not an option.

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