Allergy Friendly

 Identifying the Need

“It is estimated that 20% of the world’s population suffer from allergic diseases”.

Certification-HostelAsia BackPackers has been working in collaboration with Asia’s premier hygiene company, Dream Hygiene, ( with the aim to be the first Accredited Allergy Friendly Hostel in Asia, the two companies have been working hand in hand from day one, on the design and the functionality of the venue to ensure it complies to the 27 Step Allergy Room Reduction Plan  and the staff are fully aware of the implications of Allergies and how to combat the ever present issues.

General Info: Figures worldwide vary little on the percentage of the world population that suffer from Allergies,  we base our figures on the World Health Authorities (WHO) article dated 8-9 January 2002 see page 1:  .
WHO estimate approx. 20% of the world’s population suffer from allergic diseases
Thailand has a population of 66 million (figure taken from the 2010 decennial census) which in turn equates to 13.2 million Thai Allergy sufferers, when combined with the number of Allergy sufferers that are also tourists visiting Thailand each year, (19.1 Million based on Office of Tourism Development 2012) you have a potential need from 17.02 million people for adequate and regulated Allergy Friendly Hotel/Hostel Rooms.


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