Exploring Koh Chang the Green Way

Exploring Koh Chang the Green Way

As an island under the Mu Koh Chang National Park, Koh Chang is a well-preserved paradise making it a perfect hideaway for people who want to escape the busy urban sprawls and the chores of everyday living.Green Tour

You can use a multitude of ways to see the island from Elephant rides to speed boats but nothing beats the experience you get discovering its true beauty, by traveling under your own steam whether it’s walking, on a  bicycle, not only do you help the environment by not using motorized vehicles you also get the opportunity to keep fit. The sights that can be discovered on your feet or the seat of your own two wheeled friend is just great, scenes and sights that are easily missed when travelling fast or the inside of a vehicle. This is one of the philosophies behind Slow Life Cycling Koh Chang Bicycle Tour. It offers another perspective of experiencing Koh Chang by a pedal. The bicycle gives anyone the opportunity to take into heart the culture of the island and lifestyle of its inhabitants in slow movement.

We offer advice on the best and interesting walking guides for all levels of hikers or ramblers (or for us that just want something to do for an hour) just ask at reception.

If you like to explore  the islands coastlines or some of the smaller islands in entirety and up close why not hire a, Kayak, as with a bicycle you get to see more of what’s around (or under you) and you get the chance to keep those muscles working. See Splashing Around on or In the Water

If you want to do your bit for the environment but do not have the longing to stretch your muscles, why not try an Elephant trek? Not only do you get to see nature from a different perspective you also get to help what is an ever depleting life style. See Getting around the Island.

Elephant Trekking:

There are two Elephant Camps in Koh Chang. One in Klong Prao and other in a jungle valley in the north of Koh Chang. Any Tour of Thailand can never be complete without elephant trekking and here on the island you get to experience theses amazing animals in the splendor of the natural wilderness surrounded by wildlife and the rich natural Mountains.elphants

Depending on your requirements, the rides can vary between a few hour to a number of days trekking incorporated with numerous activities including rafting, mountain biking, hiking or any other activity that you may be interested in. On an average, a day’s elephant trekking will cost around $40.

The camps open at around 08.00-08.30 in the morning and provide a three hour elephant tour, the tour includes elephant bathing performances and feeding. kohchang-tours-trekkingLater, from around 1.30 in the afternoon, forest elephant trekking is offered to guests. Each session takes around one hour. You can participate in all the elephant feeding and washing or simply watch as the guides prepare the elephant prior to your riding. Later, get onto the elephant back and enjoy a ride through the jungles and later watch the elephant bathing in the jungle water stream.

The 900 Baht cost includes all the trekking expenses such as your transportation from and to the resort, drinking water along with some coconut (you can purchase more if you so desire) which you can use to later feed the elephant.



Nothing can beat the adventure of kayaking in Koh Chang, exploring new exciting things and places. If you are looking for some great sea kayaking experiences, then definitely, Koh Chang is the right place for you.  Kayak

The location offers an amazingly spectacular island scenery, mountain and coastal scenery to experience the most fulfilling adventure of your life.

The island offers a lot especially for those who love exploring new places. If you are an adventurous, then this is the best way to quench your thirst for some of the greatest adventure spots.

Normally six participants can take part in a single kayaking expedition; (bigger groups can be accommodated) accompanied by a highly trained, professional team of guides with massive experience to ensure that all of your kayaking needs are fulfilled. The equipment and support facilities are also in situ to ensure that you get more kayaking adventure than you initially bargained for. With the rich Thailand wildlife, the kayaking adventure can make you watch the rare Great Hornbill, magnificent Eagle or even the flying fish during the expedition. Get the safest and most fun filled kayaking adventure with your family and friends at Koh Chang.

Sea Adventures Catamaran:

Sign up for this daily luxury cruise, passengers are picked up by car early in the morning at 8:30 AM and taken to the 3 meter Sea Adventures Catamaran at White sands beach. The experienced and friendly European crew speaks English and other languages. The catamaran provides both open and covered areas to the sun. Sea Adventures Catamarans ExperienceYou will have the chance to experience the world under water when the boat stops off shore from the numerous colorful coral reefs. Snorkels and masks are offered and there is a knowledgeable water sports instructor on board to help out, if you prefer to keep your feet dry there is fishing equipment available. Fresh water shower will always keep the visitor refreshed and cool or if this sounds too much like hard work then lay back on the huge sun deck or the webbing field a few meters above the waves.

A tasty barbecue lunch is cooked on boat, snacks, cold drinking water and fruits are available all day. Alcoholic drinks and refreshments are also available all day but are not inclusive in the price.

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