• Opening Tomorrow

    Soft opening from 4pm Monday 4th September. Please call 0983499927 or visit our website http://retox2u.com/ for online ordering. Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/Retox-To-You-813431468837749/

  • The Chinese New Year

    or “Trut Chin” in Thai, is a day of thanksgiving and a time for family reunion. It started when the Chinese migrated in the Ayuttaha period in 1350 to 1767 A.D. It is an important day for the Thais and can be compared to the Christian celebration of Christmas. The[…]

  • Buddhist Lent in Thailand

    October 2014 End of Buddhist Lent The eleventh Lunar month is possibly Thailand’s most celebrated time and the Kingdom is awash with colourful fun filled celebrations and Festivals, I will add details on a number of these events covering the whole of October (2014) and right across the country, on[…]

  • Mind the Gap

    Umbrella Pull down Market Thailand “Mind The Gap” is a cry many of us will recognize from travelling on the London Underground system (‘The Tube’ as it is known by Londoners), the message is broadcasted on the station and trains to warn people of the dangers of the gap between[…]

  • Thailand Vegetarian Festival

    Vegetarian Festival (2014) Tesagan Gin Je เทศกาลกินเจ When: Tuesday, 23rd September and will last for about 10 days (This is only ever approx. as the festival can go on for 11 days) Vegetarian festivals have a long tradition in Thailand and are believed to be based on the Chinese  ‘Emperor Gods[…]

  • Lessons in Backpacking

    Straight from those that Know   We recently asked our guests if they would share some of the tips they discovered while backpacking and in particular in Thailand, from their comments we have compiled the following list of 8 lessons in Backpacking. You won’t need it: By Wilf Cutter “The[…]

  • Walking Dead

    Festival of Offerings to the Dead (Sart Thai) วันสาทรไทย Tuesday, 02 September 2014 to Saturday, 22 September, 2014   While not widely known out-side of Thailand and it is at times confused with the more famous Chinese ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’  (known to Thai’s as Sat Chin), this purely Thai occasion[…]

  • Vampires in Thailand

    Thailand’s Little Vampire’s. We are now truly into the wet season here in Thailand, which of course leads to both the occasional sodden clothes and worst still the annoying and dreaded Mosquitoes or Thailand’s Little Vampire’s. If the little blood suckers have gotten through your defences, then the following list[…]

  • Coming down hard

    Returning to reality Coming down hard. I have just returned to the UK after a few months backpacking through the Kingdom of Thailand and while a part of me is happy to be back with family and friends, a large part of me is home sick for Thailand. I now[…]