General info about the Island

General info about the Island

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Koh Chang is an island district in Trat province, lying to the east of the Gulf of Thailand’s seaboard; it is approximately 310 kilometers from Bangkok and close to the Cambodian border. Koh Chang simply means “Elephant Island” not because of elephants but because of the shape of its peninsula.

Koh Chang is a National Protected Park and Marine Sanctuary; it is composed of 52 islands, Koh Chang is Thailand’s third largest Islandbeach

Koh Chang is known for its mountainous terrain, tropical nature, scenic rainforests, flourishing coral reefs, sandy beaches and its waterfalls. It has Mt. Khao Salak Phet as its highest mountain peak at 743 meters highbeach3

A little more than a decade ago, Ko Chang didn’t have 24-hour electricity, was still considered malarial, had few paved roads and fewer motorised vehicles, role on 10 years parts of the island is thriving and more akin to Phuket but without the cost, what it does have is accessible wilderness with a thriving party scene. Convenient forays into a verdant jungle or underwater coral gardens can be enthusiastically toasted at our bar and Cafe. All that said Bank Bao is the unspoilt part of the island a lot quieter than the ever growing Lonely Beach or White Sands

Koh Chang enjoys a tropical climate. The annual average daytime temperature is 27oC with an average high of 31oC and an average low of 23oC. Mid-November to February is the best time to visit, when the cool, dry season brings pleasant temperatures, particularly in January when the average is a cool 21oC. The hot and humid season is from March to May, with the hottest month, as in most parts of Thailand, being April when the temperature hits an average high of 32oC but can reach as high as 38oC.

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