Once you get here

Practical advice once you get here


Thai Sim Cards:

Buy your sim card from the airport (the other side of passport control and before you exit the airport) and text the number to family and friends, cheaper than roaming rates and informs everyone that you have arrived safely, add a mobile internet service for as little as Bht100.00 for 20 hours usage.

Thai currency:

Thai MoneyDo not buy your Thai currency from the airport as the rate is very poor, there are many banks and exchange booths in Thailand (booths are open normally from 10.00 am to 23.00) and they will give you better rates than those at the airport.

Taxi at the airport:

When taking taxis from airports or bus terminals, those waiting inside the parking area may cost more than those just outside, but you have the security of knowing these are registered. Taxis run on meters, but you can negotiate your price before entering the taxi. Or book with us and we will arrange a taxi to Pick you up and deliver you to our door at the same price as the registered taxi. Click here Taxi Booking (max of 4 passengers subject to luggage, we can accommodate larger numbers, just drop us an email).

How to find your prebooked taxi:

Once through passport control and then baggage reclaim and finally through customs look at the exit door in front of you, they are numbered 10-1 go to exit door 4 and before you leave the terminal building look left and you will see our driver with a hand held note with your name on it

Dodgy Belly:

It’s easy to get ill eating food from street vendors if you’re not careful. It’s actually the uncooked items- fruits and vegetables- that are the most likely to affect you. Remember that faucet water must be purified by boiling or tablets in order to be safe to drink.

Drink lots of waterWater:

Drink lots of bottled water.

Sun cream:

Do apply sun cream regularly as it is hot here!

Insect Sprays:

Use plenty of Mosquito sprays/creams, when going out especially at night.

Warning:  Drinking can invalidate travel insurance.

Losing something or having an accident after drinking alcohol – sometimes even just being merry – could invalidate medical and possessions cover. Don’t take unnecessary valuables out and be careful


Carry your laminated ID (with Insurance details etc.)


Thailand is no more unsafe than any other country in the world, use the secured lockers at the hostel and do not carry too much out with you.




The rules are simply….. ‘Pack light and Keep Safe’