Doing Something Fun

Doing Something Fun on and off the Island

All-Terrain Vehicles

Times throughout the day


Enjoy the frill and excitement of driving your own 150cc 4-wheel off road vehicle, there are 4 differing trails offering their own unique difficulties and durations

The options are:

Option A: 120 minutes. 2,000 Baht. Off-road adventure all area tour. Includes guide, cold drinks. sandwich, coconut juice, fruit, water and towel.
Option B: 90 minutes. 1,700 Baht. Off-road adventure tour. Includes guide, coconut juice, fruit, water and towel.
Option C: 60 minutes. 1,250 Baht. Mini adventure training track. Includes guide, coconut juice, water and towel.
Option D: 40 minutes. 850 Baht. Trainer track. Includes guide, water and towel.
Option E  20 minutes. 450 Baht. Trainer track. Includes water and towel.


. Transfer NOT included in prices

Important! Copies of your passport are required to allow insurance cover for driver and passenger. Do note damage caused by you is NOT COVERED!




Parasail Koh Chang


Prepare for take-off

Happening all and every day:Try seeing the island from a bird’s eye view, feel the sensation of float above the water and what it must be like to have your own wings. You get a 10 minute flight for 700 Baht, (Includes pick-up and return) You take off from a floating platform which is reached by the speedboat which later will tow you on your flight. You’ll ditch safely in the sea at the end of your flight, not a problem for poor swimmers as you will be wearing a buoyancy vest. You can bring friends and family along just for the speedboat ride if you wish – check with us first as this may not always be free.

Tree Top Adventure:

Tree Top Adventure

You can walk or better still fly through the trees as if you were born there, climb to the top of the beautiful and unspoilt rain forest canopy and take in the  breath taking views, you will see the forest as only the animals that live there have seen it.

You can move from one platform to another…from tree to tree. There are rope bridges for those who are not afraid of heights. Then there are flying skateboards for those who are thrilled by high adrenaline adventures.

treetop-topview treetop

Safety is paramount, before people are allowed to participate in the activities; the tenacity of the ropes has to be tested. It does not matter if the installation has been declared to be safe its testing is mandatory. Harnesses are pre-tested and provided for the whole adventure. They support the wearer and prevent them from falling.


Siam Royal View:Is a 9 hole par 3 course, playable in both directions. It is thus possible to play 18 unique holes.

Koh Chang Golf Course

Apart from just the neatly trimmed grass, the golf course is cleaned daily to ensure that golfers get the most unique and enjoyable gaming experience. The routine is also changed after every two days. This also ensures that the golf course is adequately utilized without exerting pressure on only one side.


The Koh Chang golf course is the first golf course in Thailand which is equipped with various design features and artificial greens that are raised to give golfers an ideal golf course. The tee areas on this golf course are also raised for the perfect golfing experience. Besides this, the golf course is also taken care of through well drained bunkers to give the golfers a great course for playing even after heavy thundershowers. The course is also maintained using other modern facilities to ensure that the players get a unique golfing experience.


The location of the Koh Chang golf course is another plus for those who perfectly understand the fun and experience of playing golf on an island. The golf course is situated within a lagoon that makes it very different from other golf courses. Playing golf on this course is a beautiful experience as there are landscaped fairways on islands connected through several bridges. These multiple bridges have a signature hole which includes a Tee shot from one island to the other. In addition, if you thought that this is just like another amateur golf course then you need to note that the design is in accordance with the International Pitch & Putt Federation Regulations and Tournament specifications.


The Course

Chang Noi Nine: Holes 1 – 9, par 27, 507m
Half Moon Nine: Holes 10 – 18, par 27, 523m
All 18 holes: Par 54, 1030m

Green Fees & Prices for 9 Holes:

Adults: 300 Baht

Children: Under 12′s 100 Baht

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