Wat Bangbao

Please Note: As with all temples of worship anywhere in the world we respectively ask that you:


  • Bow your head and pay respect to the temple and the Buddha statues.
  • Do not point at Buddha statues, Monks, Nuns and/or elders especially with your feet
  • Cover yourself from the shoulders down to at least below your knees.
  • Keep your head below Buddha statues, images, honourable Monks and Nuns
  • Do not touch (especially on the head) Buddha statues, images, Monks, Nuns and elders.
  • Please refrain from public displays of affection
  • Keep Quiet. There are those meditating or praying somewhere even though you may not see them
  • It may be very  fascinating to foreigners to see a reclining Buddha.  However, do not get too close to a Buddha statue when taking a picture.  Where possible kneel on the ground so that you head is below the statue.



Buddhist monks are forbidden to touch or to be touched by a woman or to accept anything from the hand of one. If a woman has to give anything to a monk or novice, she first hands it to a man, who then presents it. Or in the case of a woman who wants to present it with her hand, the monk or novice will spread out a piece of saffron robe or handkerchief in front of him, and the woman will lay down the material on the robe which is being held at one end by the monk or novice.

All Buddha images, large or small, ruined or not, are regarded as sacred objects. Therefore, do not climb up on one to take a photograph, or generally speaking, do anything that might show a lack of respect.

Failure to adhere to these simple rules will be viewed as offensive.

Wat Klong Son




Wat Khlong Nonsi: Is the most visiting temple on KOH CHANG. The Battle of Koh Chang took place at this temple on 17 January 1941 during the Franco-Thai War which resulted in a decisive and emphatic victory by the French over the Royal Thai Navy.  On January 17th each year, a tribute is given to the people who lost their lives in the war.


Wat klong Son: Is one of the most beautiful and tranquil site on Koh Chang. In the eves, monks can be seen performing the spiritual activities and worshipping. It is situated just before the Dan-may pier in Baan klong Nonsi, turn towards the sea at the crossing on the highway.

Wat klong Son has a beautiful building in which the religious and cultural colours are vividly evident.  Outside of the temple there is an equally colourful market.


Wat Bangbao: Is the smallest temple on the island which contains a Monk Complex and is over looked by most tourists as it can be easily missed. It is located opposite to the Bangbao School opposite the turning to the Bangbao fishing village.

Klong Nonsi Temple

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