Take in the views

Take in the views

Ban Salak Phet:

Is the oldest community and largest bay in Koh Chang found in the southernmost part of the island. It is a wide, crescent bay with beautiful ranges of mountains at the front and back part of the area which helps in blocking strong winds and waves, making the cove an idyllic place to stay.Ban Salak Phet

In the past, Ban Salak Phet was the busiest community on Koh Chang, it was previously called the “Texas of Koh Chang” because it was and still is a rich source of fresh water, agriculture and fishing. The main livelihood in the bay community is fishing; it is an ideal fish breeding location with its mountainous surroundings.


Bang Bao Bay & Beach:

Is a well-protected bay at the southwest end of Koh Chang. The quaint fishing village Baan Bang Bao is built on stakes far out into the bay. Here you can find seafood restaurants which offer a rich selection of freshly caught seafood, with small shops selling souvenirs and refreshments.beach

The beach at Bang Bao has clear waters with rocks and corals off its shores. It is certainly one of the best places to fish, snorkel, swim or simply Chill Out.sunset

Pierbang-bao-bay1-postcardbeach-bangbao (1)

Nam Tok Khlong Phlu waterfall:

Is the most famous waterfall in Koh Chang and in the whole Gulf of Thailand. Located at the west coast of the island, the waterfall is situated 1.5 kilometers from the community of Klong Prao and Kai Bae beach. Once at Mu Ko Chang, the district’s national park office; you need to pay an admission fee, you then walk towards the heart of the jungle and see the captivating beauty of the Nam Tok Klung Plu. Before starting your 600-meter hike into the dense forest, make sure to carry drinks and food for the rocky terrain. The 20-minute walk is a bit of a challenge yet it will be all worth it once you see the falls. Klong-Plu-Waterfall1-225x300

The Nam Tok Klong Plu waterfall is around 25-30 meters high the water tumbles down into the clean, jade basin and then onwards towards the river. It has three levels, the first of which is the most popular because it goes down from a steep, rock-strewn cliff of approx. 100 meters.

A trip to the spectacular waterfalls is advisable in the morning, when the sun is just rising, to see the light touch the emerald vegetation. Don’t forget a towel and extra clothes as the location is ideal for a swim aand of cause don’t forget your cameras

The green season in Thailand is the best time to visit Nam Tok Khlong Phlu because during the summer, the waterfall can be quite narrow and dry. But by July, the forest will be greener and the stream will be richer with the new rain.kohchang-waterfall


Namtok Than Mayom:

On a secluded part of Koh Chang, you’ll find an attractive waterfall called Nam Tok Than Mayom. It is found on the eastern coast of the island, just two kilometers away from the small community of Dan Mai.  Namtok Klong Nonsi

The best mode to reach Than Mayom is usually by motorbike, as taxis are very rare on this side of the island.  You can park it on the private parking area for a small fee, the whole area is owned by the National Park, the admission fee is 200 baht.

It is about five minutes’ walk from the entrance towards the fall itself. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll see different kinds of creatures like birds, monkeys and butterflies on your way along with the thick jungle vegetation.timthumb

The waterfall that has four levels, third of which is the most beautiful, the water falls down first in a pool then to another one—it then reaches the last level where it ends its journey into a majestic jade-colored stream.

Kong Plu’s history is very unique. The older Thai royalties used the area. You can easily see the well-preserved Royal Initials of King Rama V, King Rama VII and Queen Rambhai Barni on a slab of stone just beside the fall.

Than-Mayom-Koh-Chang-225x300A morning trip to the fall is more advisable because it is when you’ll hear the beautiful sound of nature—the soft rustle of leaves, the gentle flow of water, and the pleasant chirps of birds. It is also the best time as the sun is not that strong.









Namtok Khlong Nonsi:

The waterfall is found in north side of the Koh Chang Island. To reach it you will have to travel through Ban Dan Mai, with its rubber plantations and various orchards, from there it is 3 kilometers to the national park office and then a further 4 kilometers to the falls. It is not big waterfall but it has its own beauty.   kai-bae-waterfall-38-150x150

As with all the islands waterfalls the best season to see them in full flow is after a heavy rainfall from July to September.

There are other waterfalls on the island e.g. Kai Bae Waterfall but they do entail a more difficult hike to get to, if you want more information on hiking routes do ask at reception


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