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July 16, 2014

Packing list: pen-check, toothbrush-check, Wild Animal!!!!!!

Packing list:  pen-check, toothbrush-check, Wild Animal!!!!!!

We have heard of some of the strange things people pack into their suitcases but the story of one Thai lady is worth recalling. She was stopped before she could board a flight from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Iran with a tiger cub in her bags.

Packing list for BackpackersAccording to ABC News the woman was attempting to smuggle the cub, which had been drugged and “hidden” among a bunch of stuffed tigers inside her suitcase into Iran, where she intended to sell it on the black market for a tidy profit. The cub has been rescued and sent to a wildlife conservation centre, while the Thai lady is looking at both a fine and up to four years in jail.

Here is our essential things backpackers will always want to put in their rucksack

A pen: Trying to borrow a pen when having to fill out landing cards is a night mare

Laminated copies of passports: It is a requirement in most Asian countries to carry ID and carrying a passport about is too much agro should you lose it.

A Small tablet: Use to read downloaded books, email and take pictures all in one.

4 X set of underwear: no it’s not true a set will last 5 days that’s a myth honest

Good walking shoes: (or boots if you are a proper ‘walker’) and a pair of socks you will need them at some time during your travels and try to wear them in before you set off from home.

Packing list for backpackersFlip flops x 1: the mother of all essentials

5 x pair of shorts

5 x T-shirts

1 x Pair of Swimming trunks/costume

1 X Padlock : to secure both your backpack and lockers in dorms

A water proof folder : to pack all your documentation in

A pair of loose fitting jeans/trousers: no knowing if you want to trek through a jungle to get to that must see temple or sun burn is stopping you going out or it’s simply just cold sometimes

A waterproof jacket: the lighter the better and that can be scrunched up to fit into its own tiny bag, you are guaranteed it will rain while you are travelling.

Packing list for backpackersMinimum toiletries: you can buy everything else once you land, people all over the world have the same hygiene needs (even backpackers lol), as most of these items are essential they are as cheap in other countries as they are at home.


Pack light and buy what you need when you are travelling the same things will be available in almost every country you visit and most can be taken home as your own souvenirs and memory joggers.


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