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October 20, 2015

Pattaya Fireworks Festival

Thailand’s largest annual firework display



Revised 02/10/2016

When: 25-26th November 2016

Where: All along beach Road Pattaya


Come join in the fun that is the Pattaya International Firework Festival and Contest, with 2 days of pop concerts, parades and literally tonnes of fireworks. Spread  over two days and nights it has something for every-one and the really good news it’s all FREE.


Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2015As with previous years there are a number different countries in the competition, who are all trying to out-do each other to provide the best fire work display, this year the teams will have Thai celebrities serving as honorary team captains and yet again it is likely to be the biggest firework display in Thailand, when the night’s sky over the sea will bear witness up to 40 minute duration of dazzling colours and an ear popping cacophony of pyrotechnics.


The fireworks can be seen all over the city but to get the best views and to immerse your-self in the carnival atmosphere, get down to Beach Road where you can find lots of stalls selling locally made products, along with magicians demonstrating their ‘sleight of hand’ and a number of juggling acts along with 3D painting and of course traditional style Thai food, it is also here you will find the pop concerts featuring famous Thai bands and winners from ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ TV show.





A word of warning getting near beach Road by car will be impossible and of course Beach Road itself will be shut from early afternoon. The best advice is to get into the city early and walk to the beach or catch a motor bike taxi, restaurants and bars along Beach Road will all be open for business and some are ideally placed to witness not only the fireworks but also the concerts, again you have to get there early to grab the best seats. The same goes for sitting on the beach itself and if you want the best spots you need to get there at least an hour before the show start. Getting away from Pattaya after the end of the day be prepared to add an extra 30-50 to your journey time.





All in all the two days are a fun filled time, where your senses are literally blown away by the sheer volume of both ear deafening noise and mind blowing mass of colour that comes from both the fireworks and the live bands


Pattaya Fireworks Festival Itinerary


Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2015.Friday November 27th

17:00-20:00 Activities along Beach Road.

18:30 Carnival Parade

20:00 Official opening ceremony with a 5 minute firework display

20:15 Music Concert

21:00 Firework Displays

21:25 Performances from ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’

21:35 Firework display

22:00 Music Concert

22:50 closing ceremony


Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2015 1Saturday November 28th

17:00-20:00 Activities along Beach Road.

18:00 Carnival Parade and Marching Bands

20:00 Official opening ceremony

20:10 Music Concert

Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2015 321:00 Fireworks display

22:00 Music Concert

23:00-01:00 DJ

01:00 Close






A big thanks to Pattaya Unlimited for the use of  their pictures


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