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Lights, Camera, Action

Cinemas in Thailand tend to be severely air conditioned – bring a long sleeve shirt, or jacket, or both! Otherwise, the four large mall cinemas in Pattaya are mostly up to if not better than Western standards. The majority will show western movies, Thai-language films are subtitled in English (check the billing at the theatre) and some films will have both subtitled and non-subtitled showings. Visitors must stand up during the King’s anthem.

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  • Major Cineplex, The Avenue (second road across from Soi 13)
  • SF Cinema City, Central (Big-C),  This cinema has six theatres with ticket prices around 90 baht, slightly more at weekends; this has increasingly been showing Thai-soundtrack-only films (including dubbed versions of foreign films and no-English-subtitle releases of Thai films).
  • SFX Cinema, Central Pattaya Beach, Brand new multiplex with 10 theatres. Regular ticket for 120 baht (100 baht on Wednesdays), sofa seat 500. One theatre has first class seats 600 baht (including popcorn and a soft drink).

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