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Before you leave home

Before you leave home-Practical Advice Before you leave home.

Travel Insurance:

If you’ve booked your flight and you are not insured, you could lose big if you cancel so get cover quickly.

Learn some of the Local Language:

A few words go a long way in reducing your anxiety plus the frustration that can come with not knowing any of the local language. Start simple with these 4 word combinations, you’ll find handy, all of which you can learn for free on language social networks.

Keep a Simple Travel Budget:

Most travellers are worried about money but don’t bother to track their spending habits carefully prior to their travels. Use Excel or any free App (or the free Open Office) to create a spread sheet and detail where all of your money goes a month prior to traveling and during your trip. Break down your expenses in your simple travel budget and give yourself a better idea of how much you’ll really need to save.

Bring Your Laptop:

A laptop can double for so many other things like a telephone using Skype, a TV, and all around email and Twitter machine. You’ll likely save money by bringing a laptop as opposed to going to Internet cafes and a small netbook won’t take up too much space in your backpack. Just make sure to lock down your laptop before heading out the door and install a tracker system so you can be located and you can locate your machine. We provide free Wi-Fi and use of our computers at all of our venues.


Turn off sneaky smartphone data roaming BEFORE you go:

Even if you don’t use the web, apps can download data in the background, costing £100s overseas. Turn off data roaming before you land (most phones have an option in settings – find it now) to avoid a shock bill. ‘Thai sim cards

Stop your Credit Card getting blocked while away:

Pay overseas and some banks block cards in case it’s fraud, to avoid pricey phone calls (& embarrassing shopping trips) abroad contact your bank in advance.

Get a Smaller Backpack than You Think You’ll Need:

Many BackPackers obsess over picking the right backpack.  When confronted with a choice between two sizes, go for the smaller one, you will end up filling your backpack up, no matter how big or small. Only ever take what you really need remember you will be carrying whatever you pack

Heavy Electrical Goods:

Try not to take electrical goods with you e.g. hair dryer, tongs etc. or too many toiletries as they can be bulky and heavy, toiletries are no more expensive here as you will find in your home country.

Foot Wear:

Remember to buy good supporting foot ware and ware them in before you set off, flip flops are not the ideal travelling foot ware when lugging a back pack about.  Flip flops are also cheap to buy once you get here


Do remember that it may be cheaper to buy your clothes (do note Thailand clothes sizes are smaller than western sizes) and towels once you land here in Thailand, why carry all that extra weight when you could have had a new wardrobe for a lot less money and you get to take them home as souvenirs.


You can buy your insect repellent and sun cream products once you get here


Make a copy of your passport (picture only page) and your driving license and have them laminated, it is a legal requirement in most of Asia to carry ID but it is a pain to lose them, carry the laminated copies instead of the originals.

Add to the laminated ID’s

  • Contact details of family/friends  in case of an emergency
  • Your travel insurance details Provider name, tele No and policy No
  • Return home flight details
  • Tourist Police No 038 429371
  • Bangkok Hospital Pattaya  No 038 259999


Carry a pen:

You will need to complete an immigration card before you land (the airline will provide this) to complete this form you will need both your passport and the boarding card, trying to borrow a pen is a nightmare.


The rules are simply….. ‘Pack light and Keep Safe’