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December 16, 2013

→What marketing Strategy will I employ?

The business model

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Without a plan of who you are aiming at and how you intend to draw those people into your business then you are reliant on passing traffic and word of mouth, these two forms of customers are worth having but they will never keep you busy and in profit in the early days of a new venture.

Decide on the amount of money you can afford to invest in marketing or how much you are willing to pay away for each product you sell (this way there is no initial outlay) and use the money to drive people to your location, include these costs into your ‘Cash Flow Projections’ (I know I have heard it before “why do I need all these forecasts and plans my business is not big enough to warrant spending time on such nonsense” my response is “A Goal without a plan is just a wish and I personally have stopped believing in wishes”

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