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Terms & Conditions

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‘ASIA BACKPACKERS hope that a stay in its hostels will be an enjoyable experience for all its visitors. Our hostels offer a multitude of opportunities for our guests to meet each other and bring together people of all age groups and from different cultural backgrounds, all with their own individual ways of behaving and needs. All hostels have house rules intended to cater for these different needs and to make your stay enjoyable. We kindly request that all guests follow these rules’



Any all-male or all-female groups OF 9 OR MORE are required to inform us prior to making a reservation. We allow a certain number of Stag and Hen Groups, golfing trips, football trips etc. but once our designated number is exceeded we reserve the right to refuse any groups either at the time of enquiry, pre-reservation, after the reservation has been made or even upon arrival. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are assuring us that you are

a) Not a single-sex group or

b) You have received an email from our reservations team permitting your single-sex group reservation.

Note: Read the above carefully because in the event of a false booking, there will be no check in nor will there be a refund!

How to Book (click through to booking page)



Debit and credit card payment


No booking fees are charged by ASIA BACKPACKERS for credit or debit card transactions. The following card types are accepted: Visa Delta, Visa Electron, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Solo, and Maestro Domestic.  All transactions are in Thai Bhatt currency.

Check-in and Check-out

ASIA BACKPACKERS operates on a 24 hour on site security and reception service

You are welcome to leave your luggage at the front desk while waiting for a room to be readied prior to check-in, or after you have checked out.

Time: After 2.00 pm (14.00)

You must pay for your stay at check-in and lodge a Baht 200 deposit for your room and security box keys along with the bed linen.

Booked rooms will be held for check-in until 9.00 am the following day of the scheduled check-in date, after which the booking will be deemed cancelled and ASIA BACKPACKERS shall be entitled to release the booked room(s) for the remaining stay dates to other guests. No refunds will be provided for the cancelled booking.


Time: Before 11.00 am (do check with the duty manager for late check outs)

If you check-out beyond the stipulated time ASIA BACKPACKERS reserves the right, without further notice to you, to charge you an additional one (1) night’s stay at the then prevailing room rate or remove your belongings into the luggage storage facility and deny you further access into the room. ASIA BACKPACKERS shall not be liable for any loss or damage to your belongings as a result of the action(s) taken.

Please leave your room key and the bed linen at the reception before you leave the hostel. Guests will be liable for the loss of any key and wilful damage to the linen and or towels.


Changes and Cancellations

Bookings made are non-refundable.
No changes regarding stay dates, room category, duration of stay may be made but you are entitled to cancel the booking and make a new booking with the hostel, subject to availability, and to the terms of cancellation below.

booking cancellations MUST be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled check-in date. A cancellation fee applies for each Booking Confirmation cancelled.
Any cancellation made less than 24 hours from the scheduled check-in date will result in the total payment under that Booking Confirmation being forfeited irrespective of the number of stay dates remaining. Unless otherwise expressly stated, no changes or cancellation will be allowed for promotional bookings. Please read the terms and conditions of the relevant promotion carefully.

House Keeping

Every room is cleaned daily between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The housekeeper will knock to alert you of her intention to clean the room.




All guests may be required to provide appropriate photo identification (as per Thai law)at check-in and to complete and sign a guest registration form that also states that he/she has read, understands and will abide by these Terms and Conditions.

ASIA BACKPACKERS retains the right, at the Duty Manager’s discretion, to charge a Room Security deposit of up to Baht 10,000.00 for any group booking (over 5 persons) made under these terms and conditions.
The Duty Manager may, at his/her discretion, carry out a room inspection of all rooms to determine that no malicious or accidental damage has occurred. Should any damage be found, the guest or group shall be charged accordingly, and the guest or group booking may be terminated at the Duty Manager’s discretion with no refund of monies paid.

Should any guest or group be found to have non-paying persons staying in their room(s), the guest or group shall be charged for the extra persons and the on-going booking may be, at the Duty Manager’s discretion, terminated with no refund of monies paid.
Should a guest or group become unruly in any manner resulting in complaints or, at the Duty Manager’s discretion, disturbing other guests, ASIA BACKPACKERS retains the right to terminate the agreement resulting in eviction with no refund of monies paid.


You can only receive guests in the bar or common rooms.


Bed Linen:  Guests get free Linen and can be exchanged free of charge at reception after 5 nights of use. Sleeping bags cannot be used in the hostel as they may contain unwanted guest.


Bath towels:  Can be rented at the reception.


Smoking & Pets All areas within ASIA BACKPACKERS are designated No Smoking and No Pets Allowed, excepting of course registered guide dogs. Smoking, in any area of the hostel, is a serious offence and will be treated as such (in compliance with Thai law there is an enforceable fine of Baht 2000), possibly resulting in the eviction of anyone breaking this regulation.
Illegal substances, gambling or weapons of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in the eviction, and possible prosecution, of the offending party. ASIA BACKPACKERS retains the right to refuse entry to the building of any persons that are clearly under the influence of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol.


Food and Beverage.  Due to fire protection requirements, insurance standards and health regulations, the consumption or storage of food, beverage or alcohol is not allowed in the dorms or bedrooms.


Any electrical appliances and/or equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes
ASIA BACKPACKERS reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the above items found in any room immediately without notice to you and to charge you for any costs incurred for taking such action.


Noise Please keep the noise down after 11 p.m., especially in the shared bedrooms/bathrooms.


ASIA BACKPACKERS further reserves the right to ask you to leave the hostel and remove your belongings from the room immediately if we shall, in our sole opinion, deem that you have used the room in an irresponsible manner or in a manner that will compromise the safety of, or cause damage and/or harm to the room, the hostel premises, the other hostel guests, staff or any other persons or the reputation of ASIA BACKPACKERS without any compensation and/or any reimbursement to you.

Limitation of liability

ASIA BACKPACKERS is responsible to provide the room(s) and according to these Terms and Conditions. We do not accept any liability for failure to provide the services contracted or any of them due to circumstances beyond our control. HOSTEL 47 is not in a position to guarantee Guest’s safety against events including but not limited to accidents, death, acts of God, flood, riot, theft, or even acts of negligence. All activities have inherent risks to health and safety and ASIA BACKPACKERS will not be responsible for any eventualities related to any activities or services booked through this website. ASIA BACKPACKERS will not be responsible for loss or damage of property left in Guest’s room and/or the ASIA BACKPACKERS property during Guest’s stay. Guests are advised to obtain insurance to cover curtailment, and loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injuries and money/valuable belongings.

Privacy & Data Protection

ASIA BACKPACKERS will retain all personal information you provide during booking. By making a booking with us or using the ASIA BACKPACKERS website, you consent to our use and/or disclosure of your personal details to our franchisees, branches, related corporations, associates, subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, proposed assignees, agents, commercial partners, service providers and/or any other parties engaged by us to enable or assist us in the provision of services or to exercise or enforce our rights hereunder and/or any other party as ASIA BACKPACKERS may, in our sole and absolute discretion, deem necessary for the following purposes: to process your booking and for other administrative purposes, to provide you customer support and services, to send you information on products and services, and special or promotional offers, newsletters or customer survey forms and questionnaires. You may unsubscribe from these at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe link” on the relevant email communications.

Changes to the these Terms & Conditions

ASIA BACKPACKERS reserves the right to cancel, amend or vary the arrangements and content featured on the ASIA BACKPACKERS website and/or change or add to these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Conflict between English Text and Other Language Text

If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the English text of these Terms and Conditions and any translation thereof, the English text shall prevail.

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