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July 1, 2016

The festival of Tiggkrahad

The festival of Tiggkrahad also known as Thing Krachat (งานเทศกาลทิ้งกระจาด)


The festival of Tiggkrahad


Revised 30/06/2017

When: The merit-making festival is held annually around August–September:  2017 TBA

Where: Around the Dragon Descendants Museum Suphanburi Central Thailand.

Suphanburi has a long and glorious history with the Chinese people, which can be seen in the cities arguably two largest events; that of the Chinese New Year and this festival of Tiggkrahad Buri. This strong association can also be seen in the recently opened Dragon Descendants Museum which now plays its part in this festival.

The museum was built to celebrate the 20 anniversary (2015) of Diplomatic Relations between the People’s Republic of China and Thailand. The 300 million baht museum is built in a shape of a huge cloud dragon spraying water measuring 135m long, 35m high and 18 m wide, it is situated adjacent to the Chinese style building that now houses the important City Pillar Shrine.


The festival of Tiggkrahad 2016


The event features a colourful parade, with bands, traditional dancers and the thunderous noise, from war drums and fire crackers. The parade also includes ladies in traditional Chinese costume, Lion and dragon dancers, fire eaters, puppeteers, along with a multitude of decorated floats carrying drums and pageant queens.


The festival of Tiggkrahad 1


During the festivities there are numerous traditional Chinese monk merit making ceremonies, a lantern parade and releasing fish and bird ceremonies. Plus there are a number of Chinese exhibitions, including Chinese opera, added to this sea of colour and noise there are also, displays of traditional lion dancers, twisting and turning as they do high above the crowds on stilts.

To add to the fun there is also a traditional Thai fair and of course a mass of vendors selling a multitude of different local food, drink and handicrafts, that reflect the diversity of the local people.

The event is to preserve the cultural heritage of the local people, to pay homage to the City Pillar and the ancient traditions of Tiggkrahad, it is also a time to give offerings to the souls of the deceased, along with the distribute of arms to the poor.


The festival of Tiggkrahad 2

Similarity with other festivals in Thailand

This event has a number of similarities to other festivals held around the Kingdom in August and September, they are The Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month, which is mainly a southern festival, the biggest held in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The Por Tor Festival or ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’, which also has its roots in Chinese folk lore, held annually in Phuket and across Thailand. The Tiggkrahad ritual is also similar to the purely Thai event; Festival of Offerings to the Dead (Sart Day วันสาทรไทย), which is held all over the Kingdom, around the same time.

There are also a number of uniquely ethnic festivals that also contain the same principles of praying to dead relatives they include the Mon people who celebrate, The Mon Floating Boat Festival and their neighbours in Kanchanaburi, the Karen, who have their festival of Khao Ho or Ang Mi Thong. Added to these events is the Khmer descendents of Isaan who have their own festival; San Don Ta Festival, which takes place late September-early October.



The festival of Tiggkrahad 3


For further details call Suphan Buri Provincial Administration Office or call 0 3553 5380 Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Suphanburi office Tel: 0 3553 6030, 0 3553 5789, 0 3553 6189

Guided tours for the Dragon Descendants Museum starts every hour between 10.00am and 4.00pm, with each tour only catering for maximum of 20-25 people and lasts approx. an hour .

Admission Charges:
Thai Adult (299 THB) and Foreigner (499 THB)
Thai Child (149 THB) and Foreigner (299 THB)
Open from Wednesday to Sunday and also on public holidays


Pictures from TAT Suphan Buri



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