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April 28, 2015

The World’s First Carbon Neutral Hostel

Carbon Neutral

Asia BackPackers are pleased to announce we are now 12 months into our Carbon Neutral status and have successfully met our aims to become the world’s first (and sorry to say only) Carbon Neutral Hostel group.

The World's First Carbon Neutral HostelWe started this process with the desire to do more than just be seen as a bunch of ‘Tree Huggers’, we wanted the efforts of our staff and the co-operation of our guests to make a real and quantifiable difference to the poorest of the people in Thailand and so after 12 months of rigorously incorporating our 30 point plan we are now in the position to start our own ‘Agroforestry Scheme’ here in the Kingdom of Thailand. While our financial contribution is not on the same footing as some of the massive Plc’s from around the world (or the likes of rock bands?) who are also investing in Carbon Offsetting we believe by managing our own scheme we can still make a difference and target just where and how our financial contributions will make a difference.

To this end we are working with a select number of local farmers in the Isan region to commence our plan to introduce an Agroforestry Scheme which is aimed at making a real financial difference to our partner farmers.


We believe strongly that for Carbon Offsetting to work a credible carbon management programme should always include:


  1. The most important element is that an internal reductions plan must be devised and adhered to, with a set aim to reduce the company’s foot print by curtailing energy use, business travel and waste. (see our 30 point plan)


  1. There is a willingness on behalf of the company to meet the ongoing offset financial cost



  1. The monies raised from a Carbon Offsetting should be employed to help local people so as there is a direct benefit to the poorest of the countries people and these benefits can be seen and gauged on a day by day bases, as without a quantifiable result the hard work required to meet the internal reductions made by following a credible carbon management programme will wain as both the staff and guests are not emotionally linked to the benefits that can be made to the lives of ordinary local people.


The World's First Carbon Neutral Hostel.We will add further details as we commence planting and on-going posts detailing the net results.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank both our staff and our guests who without their help and understanding our aim of being The World’s First Carbon Neutral Hostel would never had been reached.

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