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May 8, 2014

Is It Time to Hang up my Backpack?

Is It Time to Hang up my Backpack?

Time to hang up the old BackPackI have been travelling in one guise or another for almost 40 years and have seen so much, the good and bad in both the world’s people and its climate, and in turn I have also witnessed the result of both phenomenon, with so much of this planet still to see I wonder do I have the heart or desire to continue with my travels as a backpacker!

I have heard it said by many that travelling broadens ones horizons, while I agree whole heartedly with this statement, I have also found it brings tears and laughter in equal measure, to witness first hand the kindness of strangers and the fear of the unknown reminds me that for two important facts in my life I may never had the opportunity to see so much of this wonderful planet.

Firstly I was fortunate to have been born in a country where freedom of travel is the daily norm and secondly my body/health has and is still allowing me to pursue my love of exploring new places, as I look back I realize that I could have done and seen so much more, but hey the same could be said by us all.

Run down DormitoryI do not know if it is the onset of a new period in my live (I have been through the mid-life crises and came out without even knowing I was in one, my fault I should have been more alert!) or is it that the quality of accommodation in hostels seems to be dwindling, whatever it is I find that I now want more of the basic creature comforts in life when I travel.

I know I can hear the shouts of “Flashpackers……” from hear, but this option seemed to dilute the main reason I have liked to stay in hostels ‘the opportunity to mingle with like minded people to, share in their amazing (and sometimes exaggerated) stories and relive my own’.


Well it was time to take the plunge and after writing to some old traveling partners, who are now hostel owners I booked a multi-centre holiday (see I am using strange words to real backpackers there is no such thing as a ‘Holiday’ we ‘experience life’ we do not holiday) to stay with Asia BackPackers in both their Koh Chang and Pattaya venues, my story begins with me being met at the airport by a taxi arranged by the owners (at my cost but cheaper than I had been quoted by the touts in the airport building), a good start after an eleven or so hours flight…….more to follow



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