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May 18, 2014

Tomorrow never comes

Why come to Thailand

land of smilesWith all the troubles in Bangkok why would you come to Thailand? Many people will be thinking these same thoughts, while they’ll be pondering exotic locations and amazing adventures and then abandoning those dreams of coming here as rapidly as they were thought up. Let’s look at the facts; the troubles in Thailand are almost entirely in and around the Bangkok region, while the rest of the country simply looks on with mild or little interest, the general feel of the population of this 3rd world country is that of ‘kismet’ one should also remember that the Buddhist faith is one of ‘live for today, tomorrow will look after itself’

So life goes on pretty much as it has always done here in the ‘land of smiles’ the sun still shines and the reasons why Thailand is one of the most visited counties on the planet are still here, the currency is taking a bit of a hammering (which is good news for those wanting to come here), landing and moving in and out of the airports is still unaffected.

When you way up the for and against in coming to this most hospitable of counties, then the reasons to come here far outweigh the troubles one can easily avoid in one small part of this very large country.

Land of SmilesTherefore if it’s not the troubles in Bangkok what else is stopping you?

Something will come up and plans will be put off until tomorrow as you wait for “the right time.” Breaking news! It will never be the right time to travel. You will always have some reason to stay at home. You always be able to find an excuse as to why today just isn’t the right day. But the idea that the stars will align and you’ll find the perfect day to step out of your door and into the world is a fantasy.

Today might not be the perfect day – but neither is tomorrow.

Tomorrow, there will still be bills to pay.

Tomorrow, there still won’t be enough money.

Tomorrow, there will still be people you will miss

Tomorrow, you’ll find another excuse why you can’t go.

Tomorrow, people you know will still sow the seeds of doubt in your head.

Tomorrow, you’ll still worry about all the bad stuff that might happen to you.

Tomorrow, something else will come up.

land of smiles 3Tomorrow will never be perfect.

And then one day you’ll find you’ve run out of tomorrows.

And you’ll be filled with nothing but sadness and regret.

So stop waiting.

Stop making excuses. Today is your day.

It’s never the right time to travel.

Forget about tomorrow.

Just go.

‘Your heart is aware of life’s uncertainties and knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream’


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