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Today there are a number of common investment strategies being utilised by individual investors. Each investment strategy is different, targeting a variety of asset classes, risk levels, potential returns and investment terms.
[ci-quote title="“Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich.”" float="right"]Henry Ford[/ci-quote]

Before choosing an appropriate investment strategy it is important to define your overall investment objective and what you wish to gain from any investment. Once you have identified the investment strategy that best matches your requirements, you should research the due diligence that has been conducted as part of the investment proposal and, wherever possible, undertake your own research and due diligence. The following is an example of the minimum research you should conduct before entering into any form of investment.

[expand title="Do I want to be an armchair investor or take a more hands on approach?"]How much work do I want to put into the venture, armchair investor? Then continue reading this dialogue or if you want a more active role look to our offer of a Franchise[/expand]
[expand title="Is the potential reward worth the risk?"]

  • What returns do I get from where ever the monies are held at present and how secure is the money.
  • Is the % return worth the additional risk bearing in mind banks, stocks, bonds etc. are not 100% secure

[expand title="How do I minimise the risk?"]
What are the product provider’s credentials?

  • Are they presently returning the % they claim and can I verify those claims independently?
  • What experience do the providers have in the field and can I verify their claims?
  • What is the market worth in the area they trade?
  • Is the market expanding?
  • What security are the providers offering?

[expand title="How does the venture stack up against other alternatives in the same region?"]

  • Who are the others in the same market and what are they achieving?

[expand title="Is the venture sound?"]

  • Does the venture have merit and is it based on sound and factual information?

[expand title="Do the people running the investment vehicle have the adequate experience?"]

  • Can I verify their claims?

[expand title="What do the people running the investment vehicle stand to lose?"]

  • Are they at risk in the venture or is all the risk on my shoulders?

[expand title="What are the minimum initial investment sums?"]

  • What are the sums involved and how will they be invested?

[expand title="How are my returns to be paid?"]

  • Will they be paid on regular bases or only at the end of a fixed period?

[expand title="Over what period can I expect to re-coup my initial investment?"]

  • Does the venture have the scope to return my initial investment and over what time period?

[expand title="What are my exit routes?"]

  • Does the venture have a defined exit route or is the issue with me only?


bill-gates-3-390x285 [ci-quote float="right"]We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate in the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction [/ci-quote]
Asia BackPackers offers a selection of standard investment strategies exclusively to members. We believe our proprietary strategies deliver enhanced investment returns with reduced investment risk. To learn more about the proprietary strategies available to investors [expand title="click here."]
At Asia BackPackers we believe that a strategic, structured approach to Hostel investment provides the most secure method to build and sustain wealth.
We are committed to applying our existing and proven Hostel investment strategies to selected, well-researched South East Asia commercial projects that satisfy our due diligence requirements and based on current market factors that will continue to enable our investors to outperform the market.[/expand]



Before committing to an investment, it is essential to have a ‘Solid Exit Strategy’ (SES)
Asia BackPackers unique Solid Exit Strategy (SES) combines deposit protection with high investment returns regardless of market conditions.

  • 20% per Annum returns paid quarterly in arrearsimages (3)
  • Deposit protection throughout the investment
  • 24-36 month maximum term
  • Defined Exit Strategy


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