Things to do and see

Things to Do and See


Night Life

Day & Night Udon


There is a multitude of small bars and pubs in and around the hostel, the social centre of the city,  is a few hundred metres away; Day & Night, is a collection of open and closed bars open until the early hours of the morning, while not Walking Street of  Pattaya it has it’s own youthful ambience and is a great place to watch the world go by and try the local drink and food.




Udon Sunshine Nursery/Fragrant Orchid Farm  open from 08:00-17:00

Ever seen a plant dance? Well, you can here, play them music; sing or even talk to them in a high-pitched voice and the plants will dance for you. Originally earning notoriety for producing the first perfume made from an orchid, the Udorn Sunshine Nursery, just northwest of town, has since developed a hybrid of Codariocalyx motorius ohashi leguminosae that ‘dances’ to music. The mature gyrant has long oval leaves, plus smaller ones of a similar shape. The plants are most active from November to February, the cool season, and from 7am to 9.30am and 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

Udon Sunshine Nursery

The plants aren’t for sale. You can, however, buy Udorn Dancing Tea, made from the plant, along with the more famous Miss Udorn Sunshine orchids and perfumes. The nursery’s newest product is Udorn Toob Moob Maeng Kaeng, a perfume derived from brown stink bugs.



Nong Prajak Park

nong-prajak4Udon’s most popular park starts to come to life as the afternoon start winding down, there’s a lot to do here, from feeding the fish to riding a bike. A bike-hire outlet on the northeast shore has one-, two- and three-seaters for 20/40/50B per hour. Much of the action takes place on the sunset-watching side of the lake. Dozens of street side massage artists start conducting rubdowns around 2pm and ‘Paint-your-own Pottery’ shops open two hours later. As this is Thailand there are of course an abundance of sensational local food options at prices much lower than you will find in other tourist areas. Isaan food and traditional Thai dishes are everywhere from street vendors and hi-so venues and restaurants.


Chao Pu-Ya Shrine open 7 days per week

Chao Pu-Ya ShrineThe Chao Pu-Ya Chinese Spirit Shrine is located on Nittayo Road behind the train station near Nong Bua Market. It is a large and beautiful Chinese spirit shrine with a small garden beside a lotus pond. Two Chinese pavilions stand in the pond, serving as a view point to take in the pleasant and tranquil surroundings. The 99m long golden dragon, used during the Thung Si Mueang annual fair in December, is also kept here.

Ban Chiang World Heritage  Admission 150Baht opening 9.00am-4pm closed Monday& Tuesday

The museum provides information about the excavations of this early prehistoric civilization, along with many of the finds; it also shows how the former civilization of the region might have lived. The archaeological dig is a UNESCO World Heritage site it is situated about 55 km east of Udon. Both buses and inter-village songthaews will drop you off at the Ban Chiang turn-off.

Ban Chiang World heritage

This archaeological site is considered to be a cultural property of outstanding universal value. The museum is comprised of two parts, the first stores and displays antiques and artefacts from the ancient ‘Ban Chiang’ culture, including tools, utensils and pots from 4,000 to 7,500 years old. The second part is an open museum where the museum has retained the conditions of the archaeological excavations to illustrate how the earthenware pots and other items were buried along with the dead. It is considered the first open museum in Thailand. As for the Bang Chaing earth ware pots are known worldwide because Bang Chaing was the origin of a prehistoric civilisation, archaeologists believe the designs on the earth ware to be the oldest pot designs in the world


Phu Prabhat Historical Park  Open 08.30-18.00 daily admission 100Baht

Phu PrabhatThe park covers an area of approx. 1,200 acres. In addition to the beautiful landscape, caves and caverns, rocks hewn by both man and nature into strange a wonderful shapes and sizes dot the area, moreover, prehistoric paintings (2,500 -3,000 year old) over cliff faces have been discovered, although many leave only the faintest of traces and can be easily over looked.


Chaloem Phra Kiat Public Park  open daily 06:00-21:00

Chaloem Phra Kiat Public ParkChaloem Phra Kiat Public Park is situated in front of Loei municipality. It is a 2-hectare public park by the Loei River. There is a decorative garden with various kinds of flowers and decorative plants. Tourists can cross the hanging bridge into the park.



Muang Udon Thani Museum open daily 08:00-16:00

muang udon thani museumMuang Udon Thani Museum is located in the centre of Udon Thani and is a two-story brick building in Neo-Palladian style. This museum has on display exhibits from Udon Thani history, archaeology, natural science, geology, folk history and arts and culture. There is also a section dedicated to Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom, the founder of Udon Thani.


Nong Bua 

Nong BuaAnother park with a lake just to the east of the railway line, see its Chinese pagodas over the lake and the dragon pole, a good picture day.



Phu Foi Lom Eco-Park,

Phu Foi Lom Eco-ParkLocated high on a ridge line, 40 km southwest of Udon, Numerous trails and rainy season water falls are within the park. South of Udon is a large wetlands area/lake called Khumpawapi. In the October each year, traditional dragon boat races are held on the lake. There is a large troupe of monkeys that have been living there for over a hundred years but beware they are wild and can be aggressive over food

150 Million Years Stone Shell Museum Open 08:00-16:00 not Monday’s Admission 20 baht.

At the foot of the small hill that you cross on the way from Udon Thani towards Nongbua Lamphu, is the 150 Million Years Stone Shell Museum. The museum was established because the area was found to have fossilized bones of dinosaurs. It thematically deals with the story of the dinosaurs, Stone Age life, and shows a selection of fossils.

Waterfall in Than Ngam Forest Park Open 8.00am-6pm

Than Ngam waterfallAbout 37 km from Udon Thani is a forest reserve, ideal for picnics and recreation at its small waterfall. From Udon Thani drive a short distance along the Khon Kaen road, and then take the second U-turn. After a short distance turn left towards Phu Foilom and Wat Pa Baan Taat.

On weekends it can get very busy here but during the week this is a quiet and peaceful place that invites you to relax and linger.

This forest park is in Tambon Nong Saeng in the forest areas of Khun Huai Sam Thak and Khun Huai Kong Si, covering an area of 78,125 hectares. It was declared as a forest park on December 19, 1984. Than Ngam waterfall is set in mixed deciduous forest; major species are ta baek, pradu, daeng, makha mong, chingchan and krabok. The waterfall only contains water at certain times, there is a lot of water during the rainy season and this is the best time to visit.

Huai Luang Reservoir  Open daily 06.00-18.00

Huai Luang ReservoirThe reservoir covers an area of 20,000 rai of land and was built to supply water for agriculture, fishery and to produce hydro-electricity, local activities include rafting, canoeing and fishing, for the more relaxed and sedate pace charter a boat and lay back and watch the world drift by and visit some of the more interesting points of the reservoir.


Ho Chi Minh educational & Tourism Historical Site Free entrance open 8am-5pm (no pic available)

During 1928 and 1929, Ho Chi Minh used the jungle around Hong Hang village as one of his bases to train soldiers and rally Isan’s sizeable Vietnamese community for his resistance against the French occupation of Vietnam. The proud local Vietnamese community has recently built a replica of his thatched-roof, mud-wall house and a big museum.

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