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Udon Thani

isan mapSituated approximately 450 km (280 mi) northeast of Bangkok; is the province of Isaan, which covers 170,000 square km and makes up one third of the country. This is certainly the most authentic part of Thailand (the only area where local people still Wai you) and where there is a rather delectable laid back atmosphere. Founded in the 1890s by Prince Prajak Silapakom, Udon Thani, with a population of approx. 230,000, is the 7th largest city in Thailand. The city is surrounded by one of the major agricultural areas of the country, Udon Thani has become a regional hub for agriculture, commercial distribution, shopping and a booming tourism industry with its central position it is the ideal place to use as a base to visit the multitude of attractions that are all within easy access, it is possibly the fastest developing city in Thailand.

Why Udon?

Thailand in relation to LaosWhile the city cannot boast the attractions and the commercialization of its younger cousin Chiang Mai (434 miles to its west) it can boast the enviable title of the gateway to the province of Isan, to the north Vientiane, the capital of Laos and to the North East, Hanoi the capital of Vietnam. It should be a must stop over for backpackers looking to travel through Thailand and to see as much of this wonderful country as possible before moving on to its neighbours.   Udon Thani gives the avid backpacker the base to explore what this unique region of Thailand is all about and what makes Isan  so different from the rest of Thailand. There is so much to see and do from this vantage point, why not come and see for yourself, before it becomes yet another commercialized play ground.

Why Asia BackPackers

We choose the locations for our venues very carefully and with our guests at the forefront of our decision making, our venues all have their own unique attributes and atmosphere, what they all have in common is that they provide a Safe, Secure and Fun haven that our guests want to return to time after time. Illuminated Boat We have a saying about Udon “Checking the place out would require a couple of days but Partying could last for weeks… and discovering all about Isan could take a life time”





By plane Udon Thani International Airport (UTH), Flights to and from Bangkok take about one hour and there are 7 flights daily From the airport to us; Called a “limousine service” (actually a minibus) for 80 baht/person that will drop you and other passengers to the place of your choice.  Minibus tickets are available in the booth just to the right before you leave the terminal building. Taxis are not permitted to wait for passengers at the airport.

By Bus There are 2 bus stations in Udon Thani; Bus station #1 is in the city centre, near Central Plaza, and a few hundred metres from our venue. We are 700 metres, 9 minute walk. Exit from the bus station, turn left, take the next turning on the right and then the next left and we are just a little way down the Soi. The other is in the outskirts of town on the road in from Loei towards Nong Khai (bus station #2). It will cost you another 80 baht to our venue

By Train: We are 6 minutes, 450 metres from the railway station come out of the station cross the round-about, onto Prajak Sillapakom road; we are in the third turning on the left.

Bangkok. Trains depart Bangkok Hualampong station 3 times per day and twice a day from Ban Sue. The overnight express sleeper to and from Bangkok is scheduled for 9.25 hours but usually takes longer. Nevertheless, it is still quite comfortable and pleasant, especially when taken in a sleeping berth or compartment. Prices start at 150bt for standard 3rd class, 350bt+ for second class air-con, 600bt+ for air-con sleeper or 1,000bt+ for 1st class sleeper.

Getting around the city: Navigation around Udon Thani is made easier by three large roundabouts on the central road, Hwy 2: the clock circle, the fountain circle, and the Prince Prajak Circle. It’s also possible to orient yourself with Central Plaza, city centre, or Nong Prajak Park. There is a bypass road that goes around the city.

By taxi: The main bus station, near Central Plaza has a taxi stand

By bicycle taxi: Udon Thani has many samlors (three-wheeled bicycle taxis), although as elsewhere, they are slowly succumbing to the pressures of internal combustion engines.

By tuk-tuk: Tuk-tuks, three-wheeled motorcycles, are readily available in most commercial areas. Negotiate a price before taking the ride. Note that in Udon Thani the locally made vehicles (called skylabs) differ from those in most of Thailand outside Isaan in that their fronts are adapted motorcycles. If you travel to Laos, you will see such vehicles (called jumbos) there, also.

By songthaews: Udon Thani has a bus-like network of numbered pick-up trucks with 2 benches in the back songthaews; cost is 8 or 10 baht per trip (10 baht outside the ring road).

By Bicycle: Bicycles are available for rent ask at the reception

By motorcycle or car: Motorcycles or cars are for rent ask at the reception.

By bus:There are limited city bus routes.

Buses to Lao: Buses depart at least once per hour after 11:00 to Nong Khai on the Lao border, (40 baht, 1 hour, non-air-conditioned 3rd class bus, Or you can follow the locals and hop on the waiting #6 songthaews from the bus station or indeed take your own tuk-tuk.

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