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February 9, 2014

Why Come to Thailand?

Why Come to Thailand?

With so many countries advising their citizens to avoid Bangkok why should you go to Thailand?

imagesLet’s start from the beginning Thailand is not all about Bangkok, to suggest the whole country is in turmoil  would be on par with suggesting you should not go to the UK as it is under water (you may not want to go as it is cold and damp but that’s a different matter), the troubles in Thailand are almost entirely in and around the Bangkok region, while the rest of the country simply looks on with mild or little interest, the general feel of the population  of this 3rd world country (the same apathy is found throughout most 3rd world countries) is that of ‘kismet’ one should also remember that the Buddhist faith is one of ‘live for today, tomorrow will look after itself’

So life goes on pretty much as it has always done here in the ‘land of smiles’ the sun still shines and the reasons why Thailand is one of the most visited counties on the planet are still here, the currency is taking a bit of a hammering (which can only be good news for those still wanting to come here), landing and moving in and out of the airports is still unaffected with all parties agreeing that this freedom of movement will not change for tourists.

downloadWhen you way up the for and against in coming to this most hospitable of counties, then the reasons to come here far outweigh the troubles one can easily avoid in one small part of this very large country.

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