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February 10, 2016

Wizards of Thailand

Ruesi – Wizards of Thailand


Spirits and ghosts in the Kingdom of Thailand are part of every-day life and the people of this magical country are able to blend harmoniously their Buddhist faith with their long held belief in spirits.

The Ruesi (known as Rishi in India) of Thailand are what can be termed as ‘Hermit Sages,’ their deeds can be found in the many legends and stories in Thai folklore, that appear through-out the Kingdom’s long and colourful past.

They still survive today in modern Thailand, spending their time meditating and supposedly developing psychic powers, which with their collection of magical herbs, minerals, rarities and other paraphernalia they are believed to able to produce special love charms, spells and protective amulets.

It is said that the Ruesi simply wish to help other beings to be happier in their individual lives, they achieve this by telling fortunes, producing rituals and spells to reduce bad karma and chase away evil spirits, they also offer protection from ones enemies, or even increase one’s luck and wealth.

Most Rishi wear reddish brown robes, those that wear white devote themselves exclusively to healing medical ailments. This kind of Ruesi is known as Chi wok, named after the Rishi Chivaka who was the official doctor of the Lord Buddha, they are believed to be experts in orthopedic massage, and other matters, such reading and interpreting Horoscopes.


Yantra tattooing and the Ruesi

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Almost all Ruesi are devotes to the ancient art of Yantra tattooing, (also called Sak yan or Sak yant).This specialist form of tattooing is the study and practice of Sacred Geometry in the form of Buddhist and Animist traditions. Thetattoos are said to possess miraculous powers to heal and protect the host. See more

Some Ruesi (and Prahm) Masters may eventually become a “Rang Song” (a spirit medium) for the spirit Deity of Por Gae, (Por Gae was the ‘original Ruesi’ who is seen as the “Kroo” (master teacher) of all Yantra tattooing),

It is believed that the Rang Song will allow the spirit of Por Gae to enter their body and take control of both their mind and body and in doing so allowing the deity to actually perform the tattooing or ceremony.

In the case of a tattoo the spirit medium will at times wear a ‘Ruesi Mask’ covering their eyes and face whilst tattooing the Yant on the devotee. This renders the Master completely blind as far as seeing the tattoo is concerned, and is seen as yet another proof of the sacred magic of Por Gae, and Sak Yant Tattoos. After the tattoo is completed the mask is placed on the hosts head and they are blessed by the Ruesi.


Ruesi Mask

All Ruesi will have at least one Ruesi mask. The mask is an effigy of Por Gae and will have an open mouth with two big buck teeth sticking out of it The mask will also have a beard and long moustache and three eyes, with the third eye located in the center of the forehead


You can never address Thai culture without talking about its people’s belief in spirits and its own ancient western version of ‘Wizards.’ The difference for the majority of the people of Thailand while the Harry Potter characters are confined to print and the big screen here in Thailand we are all surrounded by them and they have a unique place in our society. 


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